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Bethlehem Steel 'Booster' cover 1


[Inside Cover]


Congratulations, Mr. Schwab, on your appointment, to the job, of speeding up and building ships. We know that you can do the trick and help to finish pretty quick, the bottoms, lying in the slips.

Our soldier boys must cross the deep, so that the Allies surely keep, those terrible Germans in their place. It's not too late, if they go now, and take a hand in this big row, and help to save the human race.

Speed is the slogan of your plan, and you're the one that can command and engineer this mighty task. A 11 Bethlehem is proud of you. If there's anything that she can do, feel sure that you have but to ask. Our leading citizen, we know, will land old Bill, a telling blow, when that big fleet goes o'er the sea. A string of boats from shore to shore,across the ocean to the door of Sunny France. We'll shout with glee. Brave Pershing's waiting, over there, to take command and do and dare, some valiant deeds for Uncle Sam. So speed her up and send the boys. The Rainbow group will make a noise, when Battery A gets 'cross the dam.

Oh, Mr. Schwab, you're Wilson's Pick. As Director General, you'll be slick and have the nation's confidence. The way you'll get the men to work; there'll not be one who dares to shirk. Oh, gee, I know you'll be immense.

Don't worry while you do your bit. Your Bethlehem boys are strong and fit, to turn out armor and big guns. They love the cause they're fighting for. They mean to stick and win this war and rid the world of fighting Huns.

Hurrah for Washington, D. C They've picked the man, you'll all agree, to do the job and do it well. And now for peace we will not parley, but leave it up to Uncle Charley, to send the Kaiser back to hell.

"The Man About Town" in THE GLOBE


Cover & Inside Cover | 1 – 2 | 3 – 4 | 5 – 6 | 7 – 8 | 9 – 10 | 11 – 12 | 13 – 14 | 15 – 16 | 17 & Back Cover

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