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Are you a cartoonist? If so, we need your assistance. Besides the drawings that we want to publish from time to time, descriptive of happenings in the plant and take-offs on well­known men around the shops and mills and offices, we are very desirous of having attractive headings for the different pages of the paper. Something for the editorial page, the sporting page, the safety page, the booster page, the foremen's meetings and all other pages that we have, or in your opinion should have. Do not be backward in sending in your work. Even if it cannot be used, your interest will be appreciated.

The cartoon, on page one, is the work of several interested parties. One fellow made the original suggestion, several others added their little bit and some one else made the sketch. Let us hear from you.

Suggestion boxes will be placed in all the departments, into which news items and proper personals may be dropped. Until such time as these boxes are erected, please send your contributions to the Editor. Please address all communications to Mr. J. E. Gheen, Safety and Welfare Building.

All the announcements have been made, so far, with no mention of our lady friends. Really, we did not mean to slight you, and hope your will read the paper, write for it, draw for it, boost for it. We realize that you are of inestimable value as employees of our big company, and now that there are so many of you around, we do not know how we ever got along without you. Shall we have a women's page? It is up to you.



As this issue goes to press, word has been received of an important Public Rally to be held in the Lyric Theatre, Allentown, on Friday evening of this week, May 3d. This meeting is under the direction of the Lehigh Valley Local Safety Council of the National Council and is looked forward to with a great deal of interest.

There has been an increasing demand for tickets for these Annual Rallys from year to year, and this year there has been a record breaker call for entrance tickets. From present indications it would be well for those who seriously wish to get a seat to come early.

The United States Government has detailed two very prominent speakers to address the meeting Friday evening, Mr. George Graham, Chairman National Motor Truck Committee of the Federal Government, being one, and a Service man of the British Army who has just been sent to America from the Western front, will be the other. As we go to press we are unable to announce the name of the latter speaker.

Some very unusual motion pictures have been obtained for the Allentown Meeting, and these films will be a decided feature of the program.

It is interesting to note the growth of this Local Council which was originally fostered by the Bethlehem Steel Company, Mr. W. F. Roberts being the first president elected by the Council, Mr. G. T. Fonda was elected Secretary and Treasurer at the same time. At the present time Mr. Fonda is president of the Local Council and Mr. J. R. Mulligan, also of the Bethlehem Steel Company, is Secretary and Treasurer.


Prejudice has a thousand eyes and hostile ears.




William F. Bailey

Everyone has heard of “Bill” Bailey, the old Lehigh football star. Most of the boys know him by sight. If you do not, take a good look at the above picture. That’s Bill. His latest honor is being elected President of the Bethlehem Steel Booster Association. Read what he has to say:


Fellow Workmen:

There has never been any complaint in Bethlehem among the Steel workers regarding not enough work to keep one occupied since the war started, but how often does one hear, “If I could only find some form of recreation to get my mind away from the work.”

Recreation in the proper form has been furnished this year by the Bethlehem Steel Athletic Association by giving to Bethlehem high class baseball and soccer. One has only to look at the class of players constituting our soccer or baseball teams to realize the treat in store.

To attend these games requires considerable money and that is a commodity one does not like to part with.

The solution of this problem has been met by the formation of the Bethlehem Steel Boosters’ Association.

The principal idea of the organization is to have a body of men and women who will get behind all activities of the company, athletic, social, war and boosting in general.

To make membership to the organization enticing, arrangements have been made by which a member is entitled to admission to all company athletic games held on company's field for a period of one year, starting on May 11, 1918.

Get awake to the advantages obtained by membership — fellowship, easily obtained recreation and a saving in finance.

Boost by joining at once

Yours boostingly,

Wm. F. Bailey.


In organizing the Boosters the plant has been divided in the same manner as was done for the baseball league. Over each of these divisions, a major has been appointed, who will select captains in each of the departments in the division. The executive committee consists of the following well-known men: President, William F. Bailey; First Vice-President, J. H. Costello; Second Vice-President, Eugene Collins; Secretary, J. E. Gheen; Treasurer, E. A. Werst; Majors, Harvey Barnes, Main Office; Ed. Yellis, Saucon; M. Carlton Griffis, No. 5 Shop; James Bell, No. 9 Shop; C.L.T. Edwards, Blast Furnaces; R. Steele, No. 4 Shop.

Liberty Bonds, Stopó Lookó Loosen


Do things right and you won't have to put on gloves when you open a letter from the boss.


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