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There are few communities in any part of the United States to-day able to boast of greater loyalty among the foreign-born inhabitants than are we at Bethlehem. We are proud of the fine spirit of co-operation which is being shown in all the departments of the plant. "There is great evidence that our foreign-born employees are fast realizing what it would mean if the Hun should win this war, and they in turn with the rest of us would lose liberty, home and property, and all that makes life worth the living. Our records show that we have 10,500 foreign-born employees in the various departments of the Bethlehem Plant alone, there being fifty-eight different nationalities represented in all. Over 2500 of these employees have their naturalization papers, and are citizens of the United States. A large number of the remainder have taken out their first papers, while a still greater number have made application for their first papers, and have requested that they be taught the English language and shown how they can become citizen.

This is a great work that faces our community, and the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce is joining the industries of the city together to meet this big problem squarely and do the constructive work necessary. Every American citizen can help in this work by encouraging the foreign-born in his efforts, helping him to reach the goal of citizenship by extending a friendly hand whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is truly your duty just as much as joining the colors or helping to produce guns and shells. Personal service and sacrifice is the least we at home can do. Are we doing all we can?


American-Hungarian Loyalty League

The American-Hungarian Loyalty League is a branch of the Committee on Public Information of the US. Government. Its membership embraces natives of Hungary, regardless as to whether they are naturalized citizens or not, whether they are men or women. The purpose of this League is to take a pledge of loyalty for this country from natives of Hungary, said pledge and a fee of $1.00 being requisite qualifications toward membership. The League's aim is to bind together all loyal Hungarians in America on the side of the United States and democracy. We wish to create a spirit of loyalty where it does not exist by all useful means, such as letters, pamphlets, public meetings and speeches. The League makes Hungarian workmen and their families in America better acquainted with what America is doing for them and stands for better assimilation into America institutions of all alien Hungarians.


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Prejudice has a thousand eyes and hostile ears.


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Bethlehem Steel Corporation Baseball League Executive Committee — H. E. Lewis, President; J. E. Gheen, Secretary; George T. Fonda and J. M. Larkin. Plant Representatives: Wilmington, John L. Collyer; Lebanon, J. E. Culliney; Steelton, H. B. Bent ; Bethlehem, D. M. Petty; Sparrow's Point, W. G. Cole; Fore River, G. S. Young.

Bethlehem Steel Company Athletic Committee, Bethlehem, Pa.: Chairman, R. A. Lewis; Secretary and Treasurer, A. N. Roberts; Soccer, W. L. Lewis, Owen H. Leibert; Baseball, D. M. Petty, C. R. Ellicott; Field, W. J. Thomas, G. T. Fonda; Manager of Athletics, William Sheridan.



We wish we could predict at this time what is going to happen in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 26th, when Bethlehem Steel and Disston A. A. play off the tie game of April 19th. Personally, we believe Bethlehem will win. But we thought there should have been a victory won out on the Elizabeth Avenue grounds in the semi-final match, but it was an athletic off-day for Captain Campbell and his braves.

Seems it was also an off-day for the rooters (better say fans), for after the visitors scored their first goal there was nary a chirp from many in the grandstand. This was unfortunate, for, if ever our boys needed encouragement, it was then when everything was breaking badly and the old pigskin would not shoot true. Stick with the boys, fans, whether they are in the lead or bringing up the rear. Learn that new yell which appears on another page and at the next home game whoop her up with "Sunny" Edwards or some other Booster leadin' the gang, Hip-hip!


Thomas Keady


Is there any employee who does not know Mr. Thomas Keady, coach of football and baseball at Lehigh University? This is "Tom" and he will be field manager of the Bethlehem plant baseball club in the Bethlehem Steel Corporation League which opens the season on May 11th, at Steelton. The first home game will be with Sparrow's Point on May 18th. 'That is the clay the Booster's Association will make their appearance.

It is rather difficult to get a line on the players who will occupy the vari­ous positions on the Bethlehem team, but with Mr. D, M. Petty, of the Athletic Committee, and Tom Keady on the job, there is no doubt but that the old bunting will fly from the flagpole on Elisabeth Avenue. Come on, gang.

If you will peruse carefully the baseball schedules of the Corporation League and also the Bethlehem Plant League you will see that there is a game scheduled for each Saturday at our own athletic field from May 11th until September 21st, and twilight games on Monday and Wednesday evenings from May 13th to September 18th. Looks like a lot of baseball. Better buy a Booster Membership for three dollars which will entitle you to admission to all these games.


About the easiest thing a girl can do is to pass thirty on the way back.


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