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Appearing with a German helmet, a battle­scarred bugle, Bulgarian daggers and other implements of modern warfare, which he showed the audience, Sergeant Major Smith, "Smith from America," as he was known in the army, gave an interesting talk on his experiences at the battle fronts in France, having participated in the battle of the Marne and Ypres. Major Smith enlisted in the war in 1914. He is a rapid-fire talker, with a great knowledge of real trench activity and said he was willing to wager that the Yankees will be the first to enter Berlin. He promised to send Mr. Fonda a helmet (German) to have Liberty Bonds placed therein so as "to fill it with something better than the big German fat head that was in it before."

At the close of the meeting the audience, upon the invitation of Mr. Clifford, saluted the flag and repeated the national pledge of allegiance.

Moving pictures of the opening of the Bethlehem Steel Company athletic field and the industrial parade, first aid meet and war pictures from the battlefields of Europe were shown. Also a baseball game, entitled "Kaiser and the Allies.” It depicted the Kaiser striking out, with the bases filled on the Liberty Loan ball pitched by Uncle Sam. The forceful side of the picture was an appeal to dig down and buy bonds to make the game a reality. The meeting closed with the singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner."



As far as possible, it is planned to continue to hold one of these meetings each month, but this time we will have to hold our meeting a little early, as the principal speaker, Mr. W.G. Shepherd, War Correspondent and Author, has been ordered back to France with the American Army, and will he going "over there" in a few days. We are lucky to be able get him at all, as he is in great demand, but we have him, and Wednesday evening, May 8th, is the date. The place — High School Auditorium, South Side. Band concert will start at 7:30 p.m.

W.G. Shepherd

Few men are able to tell the story of the war as Mr. Shepherd tells it. He was over in Berlin in1914 and has been on all the fronts, returning to America a short time ago for the purpose of telling the people of this country what must be done to crush the Hun.

In a letter dated April 15th, Mr. Shepherd said he was looking forward to the meeting at Bethlehem on May 8th, as he had a few things to say to the men behind the guns. He went on to say, “I am running down into Texas for a few talks and have been all over the country. I am getting a fine insight into the war feeling in the United States — it’s sound as a dollar, and getting sounder every day.”

You will also hear another talk you won’t forget if we guess right. ;Mr. J.E. Gheen is going to tell us a few things as only he can, and we can always get a 100 per cent red, white and blue speech when “Jim” gets off his coat and swings the “big stick.”


Don't gamble with life.


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American-Hungarian Loyalty League text
American-Hungarian Loyalty League text
American-Hungarian Loyalty League text American-Hungarian Loyalty League text

It has been officially announced that Mr. Alex. Molnar has been appointed representative of the American-Hungarian Loyalty League in this district. This appointment comes from Washington, D.C., and carries with it the approval of the United States Government.



Employees of the plant can now purchase homes in Bethlehem in the immediate vicinity by making a payment of 5 per cent. of the purchase price, and a monthly payment to the Bethlehem Securities Company which was organized to take all second mortgages of employees.

For further information see any member of the Housing Committee.


The world is perfectly beautiful, for it is the work of God.


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