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Hereafter, a working notice must be given by a man desirous of leaving the employ of the company, to his foreman, at least seven days previous to the day that he proposes leaving. This co-operation is necessary if a man wants to get his pay in twenty­four hours. Every one must appreciate the amount of detail work that is necessary to keep all the records accurate in the Bureau of Labor and in the Time Department and the Cashier's Office. It is a matter of dollars and cents, for which the cashier is held responsible for every penny, and he must have all the data complete before paying out the Company's money. With due notice having been given and the working out of these seven days, the preliminary work can all be made ready and a prompt payment of all pay due the employee can quickly be made. Let us help the other fellow and in so doing help ourselves.



The annual meeting of the Relief and Beneficial Association will be held on June 15, 1918, at 12:05 p. m. in the basement of the Dispensary, and should be well attended.

This is probably the greatest association of its kind in the United States, having a membership of over 30,000 employees. From present indications the expenditures for the fiscal year ending May 31, 1918, will amount to almost $95,000.00, while the average dues and assessments per man per month will be 6 2-3 cents, only two assessments of 40 cents each being taken during the year, thus establishing the best record in the history of the association.

During the year the Bethlehem Steel Company's contribution, at twenty cents per member, will amount to about $25,000.00, enabling the association to offer its members the cheapest insurance in the country.

The Secretary is located in the office of the Bureau of Labor and Safety, and can be communicated with at all times during working hours by cal­ing Bethlehem Steel Company, telephone No. 133.

The officers of the association are as follows: President, George W. Vary; Vice-President, Owen H. Leibert; Secretary, George W. Wimmer; Treasurer, George J. Grider; Investigating Officer, John S. Heller; Board of Managers, Harvey A. Frederick, No. 4 Shop; Philip Thomas, Iron Foundry; Harry J. Beahm, Time Department; Vincent M. Chamberlain, No. 2 Proj. ; C. F. Beineman, No. 2 Machine Shop; Howard Harvey, No. 6 Machine Shop; Thomas E. Groman, Saucon Shipping; Harry Stover, No. 2 Machine Shop ; John J. Dempsey, New Mills; Michael Auer, Construction; Charles R. Wilde, Railroad Yards; William Rice, Saucon Electric. All the above officers have been nominated for another term, with no opposition.



An arrangement has been made whereby representatives of the Lehigh Valley Transit Company will open ticket offices in the paymasters' booths at the main gates of the Lehigh and Saucon Plants, enabling our employees to purchase commutation books without stopping off at the company's ticket office in Allentown.

The offices for selling of tickets will be open on the last day of each month between the hours of 6 to 8 a. m., 12 to 1 p. m. and 5 to 6 p. m.

This arrangement will be of considerable benefit to a large number of our out-of-town employees, it saving them a lot of time at the end of each month.


Don't kid about Safety — you may be the goat.


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