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When Uncle Sam decided that we should trim the Hun,
He said the men he wanted were under 31,
The others he then promised to leave in shop and mill,
That they should send material the miserable Hun to kill.

The boys that now have left us to give their life and all
Should be cared for by the workmen not fitted for the call
We helped them with our handshake, our farewell and good-bye,
But what is this for a gallant lad who is not afraid to die.

We must give them plenty shells to shoot and every man a gun,
If our flag must be protected from the mean, bloodthirsty Hun,
So it's up to every workman to plug from morn to night
To help our noble comrades to win this righteous fight.

We are not in the blood-soaked trenches from early day till dawn
Like the boys of dear America who over to France have gone,
But we live in homes of comfort, and how much will you give
In money or your labor that our brave lads may live.

So let's work a little extra to defeat old Kaiser Bill,
We can do it in the office, we can do it in the mill;
We can help our Sons and Brothers to stop the Hun's advance
And save our home and loved ones from the awful fate of France.

But the one who shirks his duty in the office or the mill
Shall be spotted as a slacker and a friend of Kaiser Bill,
And when the boys come back again all battered from the strife,
We'll point them out the workers who helped to save their life.

And as Johnny meets his sweetheart and each Mother grabs her boy,
And the bands are playing Welcome and the Country's full of joy,
Then God pity poor old slacker, for his life will never be
Like the man's who helped our Soldiers in their fight for Victory.

T. H. Jose, Johnston.



The Central Bureau of Draft and Income Information, located in the Central Employment Bureau Building, was established for the purpose of aiding the employees of the Bethlehem Steel Company in filling out questionnaires and making claims and affidavits for deferred classification under the Selective Service Regulations, and to present them in the proper manner to the Local and District Boards for their action. Also, to aid the employees in filling out their Income Tax Returns.

If you have any misunderstandings regarding the draft, you are privileged to take them up with this Bureau directly or through the Safety Committeeman of Your Department. Do not delay this action until you are called for military service by your Local Board, for then it may be too late to secure for you a deferred classification. DO IT NOW.

The Income Tax Returns for the calendar year of 1917, for which time to file returns was extended from March 1, 1918, to April l, 1918, are in the hands of the Internal Revenue Collector at Scranton, Pa., and bills will be forwarded by that office to the men who have made a return. This tax must be paid on or before June 15, 1918, to the Collector at Scranton, by sending cash, check or money order. If you fail to pay the tax when due, 5 per cent. of the amount unpaid, plus 1 per cent. interest for each full month during which it remains unpaid, is added.


Even the people who always seem to know just what to do sometimes forget to do it.


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David Milton Petty

David Milton Petty, Superintendent of the Electrical Department of the Lehigh Plant, is in charge of baseball for the Athletic Committee and is also President of the Inter-Department League, Everyone knows "Dave" and therefore we will not sound his praises but call you attention to the message below, which is from his pen:

Fellow Employees : I desire to say a word or two about the Inter-Department League, something as to its purposes and something as to how we expect to achieve them.

First — The purpose of the Inter-Department League is to provide an outlet for the players of the national sport who love the game for the game's sake.

Second — To provide baseball for the pleasure of all the people of Bethlehem who enjoy watching a game.

The schedule of the Inter-Department League is such that it gives the Bethlehem people baseball three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

It is the hope of the league managers of the various teams that the men in the department from which the teams are chosen will support their team, not only by rooting on the field during the games, also by a word or two of encouragement at other times.

The class of ball which will be played in this league will undoubtedly be considerably better than that played by the colleges this season.

It is very difficult to make any prophecies as to who the winners will be, but from all reports each manager seems to be rather confident about the caliber of his team.

The games are scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, at 2:30 p.m, on Saturdays. Only one-half of the Saturdays during the summer will he devoted to the Inter-Department League, the other half has been taken up by the Bethlehem team in the Inter-Plant league.

There will be some prizes offered for the team winning the championship, also some individual prizes, all of which will be announced at some later date.

While this league was organized for the particular benefit of Bethlehem Steel Company employees, it is to be hoped that all the people of our city will find time to come out (it least often enough to see their favorite team play; that there will be favorite teams there is no doubt, but the same team will not be the favorite of all the people, and it is a sure thing that each team will be good enough to be the favorite of anybody.

Yours for a tight race for the championship.

President Inter-Department League.



The games scheduled for August 31st in the Inter-Department League cannot be played on that date, owing to the big Safety-First Meet which will be held on the athletic field on that day. The East Ends will play the Main Reds on September 23d and the Maroons and Highlanders will clash on September 25th.


Oklahoma has a peanut crop of 100,000 bushels, or just enough for the first seven innings between Lebanon and Bethlehem.


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