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The umpires in the Corporation League will be Daniel Barry, of the Boston "Post," who will umpire all games at Fore River; Angie Moran, formerly of the National League, and William Rudolph, now umpiring for the University of Pennsylvania. These men were all recommended by Mr. John Tener, of the National League, and are umpires of long experience. An extra man will have to be carried and John Reilly, of the South Atlantic League, will be given a try-out.

James Keady will umpire all the games in the Inter-Department League.

Eberwine, who showed up so well against the Bethlehem club wheel pitching for the Highlanders that Mr. Petty immediately registered his name as an eligible for the former club.

Big league names like Twombley, Connely, Plank, Fitzpatrick, Weiser, Ritter, Mowrey, McConnell and others makes the league sound like a real one.

Postponed games in the Inter-Department League will be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in the order of postponement.



Sparrow's Point and Bethlehem will he the attraction for the opening home game of the Corporation League on Saturday, May 18th. The Maryland Shipbuilders and Steelworkers have a mighty aggregation of swatters and "Lefty" Russell, Runt Walsh, the Catiz Brothers and Brown and Fewster will be on hand to smite the horse­hide. Fewster, the best infielder turned out by the International League in years, is also in the S. P. line-up. Looks like a very formidable aggregation on paper and although “Pie” Way is missing, there are other pitchers who are expected to make good.

The Boosters will be on hand and all the royal rooters and fans from both sides of the river will be in attendance. Real big-league baseball is promised and a fine season is in prospect.



We predicted what Bethlehem Steel would do to Disston and it was done and the semi-final of the American Cup was conceded to the better team, but only after a bitter struggle.

Sorry we could not have been to Providence to see that Bethlehem-Fall River set-to, as it must have been a hummer — big crowd, good football and excitement galore. Too bad our boys did not bring home a victory and we can hardly refrain from telling some of the things we heard about the game. But what's the use. A play­off has been scheduled for May 19th at Newark, N. J., and again we will predict, this time that Bethlehem Steel will come home the winners in the National Cup Tournament.



The Saucon Plant broke all twenty-four-hour records on Friday, May 3d, when the following finished tonnages were rolled.

28-inch Rail Mill — 402 tons rails.

28-inch Structural Mill — 243 tons 10-inch channels.

18-inch Structural Mill — 215 tons 5­inch beams.

12-inch Structural Mill — 314 tons 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 angles.

48-inch Structural Mill — 1141 tons 14-inch columns.

Os. Cope, of the Merchant Mills, broke a record on May 5th. He was the first man to appear in a straw hat. Os. never misses a trick.


If you borrow a nickel you say, “thank you.” When the foreman warns you of danger do you thank him?


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Chester F. Hockley

Mr. Chester F. Hockley, pictured above, formerly master mechanic at the Saucon Plant, severed his connection with the company on May 4th to become Vice-President and General Manager of the Hammered Piston Ring Company, of Newark, N. J.

Mr. Hockley has been all employee of the company since May 1st, 1908, when he became Superintendent of Construction of the Power Department. This position he held until March 1st, 1916, when he was appointed to the position he held at Saucon.

On Monday evening, April 29th, the men of the Saucon Mechanical Department gave their former chief a dinner at the Saucona Hotel, at which time he was presented with a handsome platinum watch, chain and charm, also a solid gold cigarette case and a leather traveling bag, fully equipped. Mr. George Haffner had charge of the arrangements of the dinner and Mr. T. Burns, Superintendent of the Saucon Plant, acted as toastmaster.

The Superintendents of the Saucon Plant also tendered Mr. Hockley a dinner. This affair was held at the Lehigh Country Club on Saturday evening, May 4th. Mr. R.A. Lewis presided and paid Mr. Hockley a glowing tribute. In consideration of the esteem in which the Superintendents held the former master mechanic, their parting gift to him was a handsome diamond ring.



On Saturday, April 20th, Frank Howell, of the Fire Department, met with a serious accident while extinguishing a fire at our No. 1 Tempering Plant. Falling in a tank of hot water, he was seriously burned and died a few days later at St. Luke's Hospital as a result of his burns. It is with deep regret that we make this announcement, as Frank was faithful to the limit in executing his duties, and the boys at the Central Fire House miss him and the cheerful word he had for everyone.

Mr. M.W. St. John, who was recently finished his special training at one of the Officers' Training Camps, is now awaiting his commission as Lieutenant for an advance from the ranks. Mr. St. John was formerly employed at the Coke Plant and is making a record for himself which we are proud of. All the boys know that "Saint" will do more than his share when he gets into action and we wish him God-speed and a safe return.

Samuel T. Mitman, formerly of the 18-inch Mill and Open Hearth Departments of the Saucon, and now a corporal in the 145th Depot Brigade at Camp Meade, was one of the forty-nine men selected to go to the Officers Training School at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., recently, to qualify for a lieutenancy.

Miss Hilda Kresge has resigned her position in the Main Office and it is whispered — oh, well, he's in the Company, anyway.


If safety interferes with speed — consult the foreman.


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