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In one of the rooms of the Order Department is this sign: "This is no seaport. Don't anchor here." The loafers keep shy of that harbor.

Kenneth Levan, formerly of the Lehigh Time Department, is now in the employ of the Silvex Company.

Clarence Rush has resigned his position in the Main Office to accept employment in the Saucon Shops.

John Fulton, formerly of the Voucher Department, is now employed in Allentown in the offices of the Lehigh Navigation Electric Company.

Willis Mohr, of the Order Department, has been placed in charge of the Structural and Plate Division. Congratulations.



Mr. Schwab, we will do our utmost. Mr. Schwab, we will do our best, to give you steel for the bridge of boats, and we know you will do the rest. Our suffering Allies are calling; also our brothers across the foam. With tear­dimmed eyes we see them go and some will not come home. Five thousand a day we are sending, just when they're needed the most. So Mr. Schwab build a bridge to the western front. Let that bridge be a bridge of boats.

The above sentiment contributed by Mr. J. F. Blaney, of the French Government Inspection Department, now at our plant.



A pleasant affair was held on the afternoon of May 2d, when the new office of the Treatment Department was formally opened for inspection by Superintendent R.M. Bird and his assistant, Mr. Wm. Bangser. The building is just north of the Laboratories and is well appointed for the uses for which it is intended.

Many new clerks have been added to the staff of this department, and a few young ladies are among the number.

A light lunch was served to all callers on the day of the opening.



The Yo-Eddie Boys have presented to the Milk Station an automobile, which will be a great convenience to the workers. This club is to be congratulated for their thoughtfulness and kindness, as the gift is much appreciated and was sorely needed.

The Milk Station work is doing such a fine work for the families of our employees that all of us should take an interest in this latest welfare movement. Drop around and get acquainted with those in charge and have the methods of the plan explained to you. You may contribute to this worthy cause if you are so disposed.



Hoo-ray — Hoo-ray,
U.S.A. — U.S.A.
Hoo-ray — Hoo-ray,
U.S.A. — U.S.A.
Bethlehem Steel.
Bethlehem Steel.
Bethlehem Steel.


Keep the home fires burning,
While your hearts are yearning;
While the lads are far away,
They dream of home.
There's a silver lining
Through the dark clouds shining,
Turn the dark cloud inside out
Till the boys come home.


31 TO 1


A good workman at his best makes a poor doctor. Do not trust him. Go to the doctor.


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The Foremen's get-together meeting of May 8th was thought by many to be the most enthusiastic gathering of the series. The cheering was full of pep and the singing was a real feature. The band was present in full numbers and gave a delightful concert, starting at 7.30 o'clock.

In the absence of General Superintendent R.A. Lewis, who was unable to be present owing to illness, Vice President Quincy Bent presided, and won the admiration of the men by his sincerity and frankness.

Mr. Fonda presented to the Saucon Plant Basketball Team the handsome cup won by that plant's representatives in the season just closed. Mr. Smullen, one of the players, came upon the platform to receive the trophy amid the cheers of all the men.

The Treatment Departments turned out in force and occupied reserved seats near the front. Stephen Burns led the hundred or more men of this department in their own cheers and the Hoo-ray — Rip — Rent — Treatment and Temper — Test — Anneal — Bethlehem Steel resounded many times during the evening.

President Grace was present for the first time at one of the Foremen's meetings, and after declaring how sorry and ashamed he was that he had not been able to meet with the men previously, gave a heart-to-heart talk on conditions confronting the country and the Company. Mention was made by him of the pledge which the officials, managers, superintendents and foremen will sign, affirming their loyalty to America and the Bethlehem Steel Company.

Mr. W.G. Shepherd, war correspondent and author, who has returned from Europe after having been on the battle fronts of Austria, Germany, France and Russia doing newspaper work, gave a very interesting account of his impressions. The speaker was witty and entertaining, and held the attention of the audience for over an hour.

Colonel Evans remained in Bethlehem to attend the meeting and was prevailed upon to address the men for the third time in two days. As usual, he thrilled and aroused them to a high pitch by his recital of what he had seen on the front and how the Allies were depending on America.



The Foremen's Get-Together Meetings, which have proved such a great success at Bethlehem, have demonstrated the value of closer contact among the leaders in the various departments, and as a result several meetings have been scheduled at some of the other steel plants.

On Monday evening, May 13th, a very successful meeting was held at Lebanon, there being over fifteen hundred (1500) Foremen and Safety Committeemen in attendance, representing plants at Reading and Lebanon, including blast furnace operations and mine operations in the Lebanon district. The patriotic note was struck and the enthusiasm of the men indicated that the men at our other plants are just as keenly alive to the importance of winning the war as are the men at Bethlehem. Patriotic songs were sung and motion pictures of last year's First Aid Meet were shown.

A similar Get-Together Meeting will be held at Steelton on Thursday, May 16th, and from present indications Steelton will not be found wanting when it comes to patriotism and loyalty to the company of which they are a part. Mr. Robbins, General Manager of the Steelton Plant, is taking a great interest in this meeting, and, like the other General Managers, is responsible for the new spirit which is being shown among all of our workmen.


The angels sing "Peace on Earth" — not pieces.


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