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Madison School, South Bethlehem



Quinn School, South Bethlehem



At the beginning of the school term, September, 1912, A.H. Buck, a graduate of the Keystone State Normal School, became Principal of the High School, and, in 1913, another teacher, Robert C. King, was added to the faculty. Mr. King is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Class of '09.

On the death of Superintendent Wilt, July 22, 1915, after a continuous service of 27 years as the head of our schools, Principal Buck was chosen his successor, August 9,1915, and P.J. Hall was appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by Mr. Buck’s promotion to the Superintendency. On August 27, R. Thomas Hutchinson was chosen to fill the vacancy in the teaching force brought about by Principal Hall’s promotion. The present High School faculty, and the branches they teach, follows: Superintendent Buck, pedagogy; Principal Hall, history, civics, Senior and Junior English; Mr. Wilt, Latin and German; Mr. Strauss, Sophomore and Freshman English, physics and chemistry; Mr. King, mathematics; Mr. Hutchinson, Freshman arithmetic and concrete geometry, Normal Course common school branches, biology, and Sophomore German; Miss Keinard, drawing; Mr. Toohey, commercial branches; Miss Bartley, vocal and orchestral music.

The present Board of Education is constituted as follows: Mahlon Ritter, President; L.J. Broughal, Vice-President; Dr. R J. Yost, Secretary; John Donegan, Treasurer; John Conlin, W.W. Ueberroth, D.J. McCarthy, Directors.

This is a succinct statement of the pertinent facts relating to South Bethlehem’s Public Schools — the equal of any in the Commonwealth. Our High School, the first College Preparatory School in the Lehigh Valley, has fully realized the ideas of its founders. Of the many pupils who entered it since its establishment, more than 600 completed its work. Thomas M. Eynon, '77, President of the Eynon-Evans Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, and Hon. Alumni Trustee of Lehigh, graduated from Lehigh University, with the degree, M.E., in '81. He was the first product of our local schools to do so. Since that time, upwards of 60 members of our High School’s Alumni body have taken degrees from the home University, and scores of others have done likewise from other higher institutions of learning. It is recognized by the State authorities as a High School of the First Class, and at no time during the 41 years of its existence has it been in any lower class. Its graduates are admitted without examination to all the higher institutions of learning of this and neighboring States, and its students to classes of equal grade in the High and Manual Training Schools of Philadelphia. But the position of its graduates in the religious, educational, industrial and commercial world, as revealed by its alumni rolls, is the best proof of the excellence of the training given by The South Bethlehem High School throughout the years of its existence.


Stevens School, South Bethlehem



Brodhead School, South Bethlehem




Parochial Schools


Holy Infancy School, South Bethlehem



Holy Ghost School, South Bethlehem



SS. Cyrillus and Methodius School, South Bethlehem



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