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Frank Biro


Photographer and sculptor, was born in Hungary in 1879, a son of Frank and Mary Biro. He received his educational training in Buda-Pest and early in his life gave evidence of his ability in the line of art. He was graduated from the Buda-Pest Academy of Art and other similar schools in Vienna, Rome and Munich. Shortly after coming to America he opened a studio at Third and Poplar Streets, South Side, where he carries on a very successful business. He is a member of the highest Masonic bodies, the Knights of Pythias and Hungarian societies. On November 3, 1908, he married Gizella Gulyassy, of Hungary.



C.A. Buck


Vice-President of the Bethlehem Steel Company, was born March 14, 1867, at Bucksville, Pa., a son of Alfred and Helena Buck. He was educated in the public schools and graduated from Lehigh University with the class of 1887. His first employment was in the chemical laboratory of the old Bethlehem Iron Company, which position he assumed on July 1, 1887. He had all the qualifications that were needed for the work in chemistry which, in after years, proved so valuable an asset to him when he was entrusted with the duties of selecting all of the ores and raw products that enter into the making of steel. He has acquired a national reputation as an authority on ores. By close application to his work, Mr. Buck rose rapidly in the steel world from various positions until today he is a Vice-President of the Company. He has won many friends at the big plant and takes an active interest in all public affairs. He is a member of the following societies: Society of Chemical Industry; American Institute of Mining Engineers; American Iron and Steel Institute; American Electro-Chemical Society.

On October 16, 1892, he married Josephine M. Rankey, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Rankey, of South Bethlehem.


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