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John Mitchell Tuggey


Head-master of the Bethlehem Preparatory School, was born in Montreal, Canada, February 18, 1878, a son of Charles and Elizabeth Tuggey.

He attended the public schools of New York State, later entering and being graduated from the Franklin Academy, Malone, N.Y. In 1900 he was graduated from Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., with the degree of A.M.

For one year he was an instructor in the Perkiomen Seminary, at Pennsburg, Pa., and from 1901 to 1903 served in a similar capacity on the faculty of the Cannery School, Washington Conn. In the fall of 1903 he accepted a position on the faculty of the Thurston Preparatory School at Pittsburgh, Pa., remaining there five years, after which he was made head-master of the Boys’ Collegiate School in the same city. While in Pittsburgh, Prof. Tuggey pursued post-graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving his A.M. degree in 1910.

Mr. Tuggey who was called to Bethlehem in the fall of 1915, is a man of pleasing appearance and magnetic personality. He takes a great interest in the city’s welfare and was an active figure in the larger campaigns of recent date. Besides being a member of the Phi Betta Kappa Fraternity, of Union College, he holds membership in the Northampton Country Club, University Club of Bethlehem, Rotary Club, University Club of Bethlehem, Industrial Commission, and the School-Masters’ Association of New York City.

On December 24, 1908, Mr. Tuggey married Ellen Noble Farnam.



Rev. Ethelbert Talbot


Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem since 1898, was born in Fayette, Mo., October 9, 1848, a son of John A. and Alice William (nee Daly) Talbot. He was educated in Dartmouth and Union Colleges which latter institution conferred the degrees of D.D. and LL.D.

Bishop Talbot is a profound scholar, an indefatigable worker, and an administrator of exceptional ability. He is an author of considerable note, the more important of his books being: “My People of the Plains,” “Among His Flock,” "Tim—the Autobiography of a Dog,” “A Bishop’s Message.” He has also published a number of pamphlets, sermons and magazine articles. He is a former rector of St. James Church, of Macon, Mo., and is also the founder of the St. James Military Academy at the same place. He was bishop of Wyoming and Idaho 1887—98. The bishop is a big man physically and is just as broad-minded in spirit. He does things in a big, broad manner. He takes an active interest in all civic affairs and is a forceful orator. He has many friends in the city, among all creeds. He is a 32d degree Mason and a member of the Knights Templar, which he had the honor of naming Bethlehem Commandery. On November 5, 1873, he married Frances Harvey, of Roanoke, Mo.


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