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Rev. Francis C. Vlassok


Rector of the Church of SS. Cyrillus and Methodius, South Side, was born October 10, 1864, in Bobro, Hungary, where he received his primary education. At the age of twelve years he entered the Gymnasium at Nagy Varad, later graduating at Levoca. He later entered the American College at Louvain, Beigium, where he finished his studies several months in advance of other classmates. He was called to the Philadelphia Archdiocese, September, 1891, and was for sometime assistant to the late Monsignor Heinen, at Mauch Chunk. Later he was named rector of a church at Mahanoy City where he remained for five and a half years, at the same time looking after missions at McAdoo, Shepptown, Shenandoah, St. Clair, Minersville, Lehighton, Shamokin, and Mt. Carmel. In 1897 he was transferred to South Bethlehem where he formed the present large parish. After ten years the Archbishop transferred him to Philadelphia to form a parish there. He also formed parishes in Mahanoy City, McAdoo, Shenandoah, and South Bethlehem. His labors in Philadelphia were soon recognized by the Archbishop and he was returned to his former parish in South Bethlehem where there is a beautiful church, school, convent, and rectory. Prior to entering the seminary, Father Viassok, who is loved dearly by not only members of his flock but others as well, served in the army in Vienna.



Claude N. Wyant


Principal of Bishopthorpe Manor, Fountain Hill, South Bethlehem, Pa., is a native of Virginia. His father was a Conferedate soldier, one of “Stonewall” Jackson’s men.

His preparatory education was obtained in the public schools of his native state. After completing he taught three sessions and then entered the University of Virginia where, in 1888, he finished a four-year course in the academic department and at the same time did some post-graduate work.

He was then elected associate principal of Onancock Academy, Onancock, Virginia, a private co-educational institution, where he remained five years. In 1892 he married Miss Blanche Northam of Onancock.

In 1893 he was chosen Superintendent of Kenyon Military Academy, Gambier, Ohio. He became Junior Regent of this institution in 1898 and the Senior Regent in 1900, which position he held until the school was destroyed by fire in 1906.

He was one of the principals of Howe School, Howe, Indiana, from 1906 to 1908. In the latter year, with an associate, he purchased from the Diocese of Bethlehem, Bishopthorpe Manor, a high-grade school for girls, which at the time had been closed for six years for financial reasons.

Plans were at once made for re-establishing it again as one of the best schools for girls in the east.

In 1917 he added to the equipment an excellent gymnasium and a very attractive tiled swimming pool. He has thus strengthened and improved the school, although adequate at all times, until today, under his guidance, it is doing its part fully to maintain the supremacy of the Bethlehems as the cultural and educational center of the state.


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