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Shorthand Course

This course includes Shorthand and Typewriting, and such additional subjects that are necessary to fit young persons for the duties of stenographer and typewriter. Resides being very interesting and useful, there are few branches that give the student a better training than Shorthand and Typewriting.

Speed classes to suit all grades and systems are conducted day and evening throughout the entire school year. When students have learned the rules and principles, they may enter as many dictation classes for practice as their time and ability will permit. Students are required each day to transcribe their shorthand notes on the typewriter and, after the work is approved by the teacher, to place the papers on file.

The English branches are given much attention, for stenography without them is of little value. All students in this department are required to take instruction in Spelling, Grammar, Correspondence, Punctuation, Penmanship, and Rapid Calculation, unless they are able, at time of entrance, to pass satisfactory examinations in these subjects.

The time required to complete the Shorthand Course varies from six months to a school year.


Division of Time

Three and one-half hours of each day's session are devoted to Shorthand, Typewriting, Duplicating, etc., and one and one-half hours to the English branches.



The Graham and Pitman systems are taught. They are capable of being written at a high speed, and are considered the best by the leading authorities. Nearly all the expert reporters write Graham or some form of Pitman shorthand. No more time or work is required to master one of these systems than it takes to learn a poor one; and, when you have learned a good system, you will be able to write at a higher speed and, of course, command a better salary.



Section of Graduating Class of 1908



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