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General Information

Tuition Fees

One tuition fee entitles the student to instruction in one or all departments. The charge is for the time the student attends, and not for the number of branches pursued.



A reduction is made in tuition when a student arranges in advance to attend part time. When two from a family attend at the same time, one is charged the full rate and the other half rate.


Lost Time

No allowance is made for time lost on account of irregular attendance. When a student is absent a week or more continuously on account of sickness or other unavoidable cause, the lost time may be made up either in the same or the next term, provided a written statement of absence is presented.


Tuition Tranferable

Unused tuition may be transferred within a year from the date of leaving to another member of the family, or to any other person of good character and suitable age who has not already enrolled as a student. Transfers must be approved by the Principal. In the case of death or permanent sickness of the student, tuition paid in advance will be refunded.



Good board and room may be secured at from $3.50 to $4.50 per week. The rates are considerably lower when the student is home Saturday and Sunday.


Railroad Tickets

Monthly school tickets are sold at greatly reduced rates to students, by all railroads entering the Bethlehems. For particulars call on your local ticket agent, or address the College.



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