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First Annual Message of Archibald Johnston, 1918  [continued]

these, and all our citizens should not only be conducive to health and longevity, but to the greatest welfare and happiness of the community as a whole.

Baby Milk Station. Through the efforts of Miss Ernesta Drinker, the Board of Health of South Bethlehem, (with the assistance of Council and private subscriptions,) established the Baby Milk Station, which, under the capable management of Miss Mifflin, has accomplished wonders in reducing infant mortality.

Moves of this kind cannot be too strongly commended and should receive the unqualified and continued support of our Council and citizens of the community.

Notwithstanding the good work that has been accomplished, there is room for enlarged and improved facilities of this great health move, and I heartily recommend this important subject to your consideration.

Mere city life tends to helplessness. If one has to travel, there is the public conveyance. If a fire starts, there is the trained expert force at hand to put it out.

Properly disciplined professional police department stands ready to quell outbreaks of disorder and press acts of lawlessness. The individual does not produce the food he eats nor the clothing he wears. This is increasingly true as the population increases and becomes more dense. He is a dependent, relying on public utilities and systems of co-operation for his daily needs.


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