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Bethlehem Timeline — 1775 through 1799

1777  Brethren's House used as a hospital for soldiers of the Revolution. Marquis de La Lafayette recovers from wounds received at Brandywine; General Pulaski visits the town.

1782  General Washington is a guest at The Sun Inn.

1785  Boarding School for Girls opened to any denomination.

1789  First complete orchestra, under the leadership of Emmanuel Nitschman.

1792  First street lighting: oil lamps, turned out at 10 PM.

1798  Bethlehem's population is 601.

For more information about Bethlehem's early years through 1844, visit the
Bethlehem Digital History Project web site (BDHP).

Excerpted in part from: Cressman, Austin M. Historical Bethlehem 1741-1950. c1941.

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