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Bethlehem Timeline — 1825 through 1849

1826  First iron furnace in PA (Beckel's).

1829  Lehigh Canal opened.

1830  First public printing establishment opened. First zinc ore found on Jacob Ueberroth's farm.

1836  First public school classes started.

1844  End of period during which Bethlehem was an exclusive Moravian settlement.

For more information about Bethlehem's early years through 1844, visit the
Bethlehem Digital History Project web site (BDHP).

1845  Bethlehem becomes a borough.

1846  First bi-weekly newspaper, die Biene. Dr. Francis Henry Oppelt opens his water cure in
what is now Fountain Hill.

Excerpted in part from: Cressman, Austin M. Historical Bethlehem 1741-1950. c1941.

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