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Bethlehem Timeline — 1875 through 1899

1882  Childen's Home started by W. W. Thurston, Vice President of Bethlehem Iron Company
(later to become the Wiley House).

1886  West Side made a borough; map of the Bethlehems compiled by Mansfield Merriman.

1890  Bethlehem Town Council votes to construct a Central Fire Station.

1891  Bethlehem Fair and Driving Park Association grounds open with Pennsylvania State Fair.

1892  Sesqui-Centennial Celebration in Bethlehem.

1894  Bethlehem Globe newspaper begins publishing.

1898  Bach Choir organized by Dr. J. Fred Wolle.

1899  Bethlehem Iron Company reorganized as Bethlehem Steel Company

Excerpted in part from: Cressman, Austin M. Historical Bethlehem 1741-1950. c1941.

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