November 12, 2021

11Fest: Live and Loud!

Eleven performers rocked the library on November 11, in the now annual tradition known as 11Fest. The festival and the date are inspired by the library’s Studio 11, whose name was inspired by our address (11 W. Church St.) and by the movie Spinal Tap (“Turn it up to eleven!”). To really bring home the theme, the evening is arranged with the acts going from quiet to loud, with the final act blowing the books off the shelves by turning their amps all the way up. The band with that honor this year was Controller, who surely did bring the volume, as well as fantastic musicianship. The other stellar performers included: Arati Shah-Yukich, Amber Peirce, Jillian Dolan, Carys Chase-Mayoral & Ashlyn Leary, Cloud Dweller, Seth Witcher, McGarnagle, Quin Jaye, Pretty Lousy, Trickery!, Fictional Name, and RA!D. Every single one of them was fantastic and it was so kind of them to donate their time to support the library. 

So a very loud thank you to everyone who performed, and to everyone who came to the pay-what-you-can event. Nearly $1,000 was raised in support of the studio, ensuring that we’ll keep the amps turned up for years to come!


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Studio 11