April 10, 2019

April 10 is #LibraryGivingDay

Libraries are the cornerstone of our community. Within their walls, people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs connect with one another, learn new things, discover new interests, get started on the path to new careers and more.

But these services require the support of generous individuals like you. That’s why BAPL is participating in the first ever LIBRARY GIVING DAY campaign, taking place on April 10!

Library Giving Day is a one-day online fundraising event that gives library lovers like you a chance to elevate and support your local library.

There are so many ways to give, including: Annual Appeal,  Buy-A-Book, Endowment Fund, Friends of the Library, Bob Cohen Room.

You may also make a monthly contribution. That one’s our favorite so we made it hard to miss.


Beyond well-loved books, BAPL is proud to be a completely inclusive space that offers innovating programs, promotes lifelong learning, connects patrons to technology, and advances knowledge. One Library Giving Day, we hope the whole community will come together as champions of your local local library!