March 15, 2018

Beyond the Stacks: Interview with The Minimologist

Today on “Beyond the Stacks,” BAPL Executive Director Josh Berk sits down with professional organizer Colleen Warmingham (aka “The Minimologist”). Colleen will be offering a very useful program at the South Side Branch of BAPL on March 24 at 2pm on the topic of getting organized, simplifying your life, and embracing the minimalist lifestyle. Full program description is below — check out the podcast here!

Register for Simplify Your Life: Organize, Reclaim and Emerge: March 24, 2pm, BAPL South Side

“Start your spring off right by learning long-term ways to minimize, declutter, and organize your home. Reclaim your space and reclaim your happiness! Please register in person, by phone, or online. Colleen Warmingham is a professional organizer and the owner of Minimologist, LLC. A champion of eco-friendly organizing, Colleen embraces creative problem solving, espouses a minimalist approach to consumerism, and loves to invent new uses for old treasures.”

This event is sponsored by Friends of the Library.