December 17, 2018

Beyond the Stacks: BAPL PODCAST with guest Jamie Howe of KeyStone A capella

KeyStone A Capella

Boots and Cats! Today on the podcast, I (Josh Berk) interview vocal percussionist Jamie Howe of KeyStone A Capella. He does some vocal percussing right here on the pod. Check it out! We also talk about his band and I can’t encourage you enough to COME SEE THEM AT BAPL ON DECEMBER 23. It’s a 2pm Sunday show–the library is opening up just for the afternoon performance. KeyStone was a huge hit last time they played BAPL. I’ve never seen so many smiles in an audience in my life! So listen up to learn things about Jamie and a capella music and the art of playing drums with your mouth. Amazing! More info on KeyStone including a video of them rocking out in a car and a Kickstarter for their new album is below the pod: