July 3, 2018

Beyond the Stacks: Interview with Sophia Verbiscar and Nick Pokrivchak

Today on the BAPL podcast, I sat down with Sophia Verbiscar and Nick Pokrivchak of “Bring Your Own Vinyl.” They are record collectors and vinyl aficionados and we had a fascinating conversation about the resurgence of popularity that vinyl is experiencing. (Though we could argue that it never went away.)

We talk about the library’s brand new collection of records you can borrow and how Nick and Sophia got interested in an old format in a digital world. They share tales from the vinyl mines — what was the record Sophia found secretly tucked inside a Go-Go’s sleeve? Listen on to find out!

-Josh Berk, BAPL Executive Director

Oh, Sophia is also a projectionist so we talked a little about digital versus film in the world of movies. Here is an article about that.