April 21, 2020

Our Favorite Poems for National Poetry Month – Week 2

Enjoy these recent submissions by staff and community members of their favorite poems!

Thank you to Jeff, Edana, Julia, and David for their recent submissions!

All during the month of April, National Poetry Month, we are inviting the community to submit a favorite poem to be shared online through BAPL. Poems can be submitted in Video, Audio, or Text form and entrees will be reviewed before being put online.  Our goal is to give patrons the opportunity to share their favorite poems among the community during the month with feedback and engagement. This program is open to all ages!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrons should submit their poems to: mwolf@bapl.org
1.  Poems should be written by somebody other than themselves
2.  Patrons should be aware that submitting a poem allows BAPL to use their video/audio/text on their online sites and social media.

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