December 31, 2019

First BAPL Author Event of 2020… Liz Moore!

Join us at the Main Library on Wednesday January 22 for a book-signing with prize-winning writer Liz Moore. Liz has dazzled readers and critics alike with her literary novels for over ten years, impressing them with her “fiercely intelligent” (New York Times Book Review) storytelling and earning the reputation as a novelist who “writes with compassion and emotional insight but resists sentimentality” (People). Her novels include The Words of Every Song,  Heft, and The Unseen World. 

Now from this remarkable writer comes the ambitious, landmark novel LONG BRIGHT RIVER—a gripping story about two sisters that masterfully blends the heart-pounding pace and drama of crime fiction with the emotional intimacy of a family story.  Fiercely battled over by publishers and with Sony signed on for the film rights, this highly anticipated novel is already one of the buzziest books of 2020.