January 22, 2019

Found Footage at BAPL, Feb 20

Found Footage at BAPL

Catch a peek at some rare, unusual, and intriguing local film at the Bethlehem Area Public Library. Hosted by Allentown’s Alternative Gallery as part of their “(in)sight Film Series,” the February 20 Main Library event will offer a view of Lehigh Valley history that is rarely seen. The footage includes personal films, newsreels, short subject documentaries, and musical pieces on a variety of forgotten formats such as Super8, 16mm film, and even VHS.

Collecting these films before they are lost to history is a passion of the Alternative Gallery’s Brandon Wunder. “Sometimes we find films at markets or auctions,” Wunder says. “They come from private collectors, from families entrusting us with their memories, or even from the trash. We’re always on the hunt as time is precious. Every day more films are lost.”

These films indeed would have likely been lost to time if not for the preservation process the Gallery engages in. Through screening them, their hope is to fill in some gaps of our understanding of local history while engaging with the community about its past, and teaching the importance of preservation.

“We’ve been building up this collection for several years,” Wunder says. “We’re so excited it to screen it publicly. There should be some incredible stuff in there!”

The event is free and open to all with no tickets required. Bring some popcorn and enjoy the hum of the projectors and a glimpse into the Lehigh Valley’s past.

WHAT: Alternative Gallery (in)Sight Film Archive Screening featuring rare local film footage

WHERE: Bethlehem Area Public Library, 11 W. Church St Bethlehem

WHEN: February 20, 6pm

TICKETS: No registration required

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