February 23, 2022

From the desk of Lady Whistledown

Ah, the Bridgertons! The show that everyone’s grandmother and mother watch on Netflix. I mean, it’s got everything; romance, intrigue, and over-the-top drama! Who wouldn’t like it? It’s another version of Downton Abbey, really. Best of all: it’s based on Julia Quinn’s book series. If you want more you can read more instead of waiting centuries for the next season and the next…

My mother, in particular, adores Quinn’s books, and the other day she talked about how great Julia Quinn’s Facebook page is; she gives her favorite historical book recommendations on it as well as shares literary news. The other day she posted about giving out extra copies of her Bridgerton books in various languages! So cool! We checked the Facebook page together and made the request to see if Quinn would send BAPL any. We quickly got a response and she would send over her books in Portuguese as soon as she could. Not long after, we got them!

Our awesome Technical Services Librarian Sue quickly put them in the catalog and I took a photo of the books in our Foreign Language section at the Main Library to promote it online. Soon a Facebook comment arrived from no other than Julia Quinn herself! Swoon! What a gracious person in addition to being an awesome author.

Check out the Bridgerton books today (in whichever language you choose) before Season Two drops in March!

BAPL Lady Whistledown’s True Identity:

Julia, Youth Services Librarian, who is now legally obligated to actually get around to reading Bridgerton after making this blog post.





















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