November 3, 2021

Get to Know Jillian Dolan Ahead of 11Fest!

Get to Know Jillian Dolan Ahead of 11Fest!

By Dominic Trabosci

We are just about a week away from 11/11, which means we’re a week away from BAPL’s annual fundraising concert, 11Fest! To prepare music fans for this exciting event, we’ve decided to get to know one of the 11 performers, Jillian Dolan, in a little more detail!

What kind of music will you be performing at 11Fest?

I will be performing some original songs and some covers from different ranges of music. You will be hearing some 70s/80s covers and some modern-day songs! I like to explore all areas of music because they are all so special and fun to perform.

What are your musical influences/favorite artists?

My musical influences are mainly older artists. My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac but I also love The Rolling Stones, U2, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, Eagles, R.E.M and many others. Some more modern artists that I appreciate would be Hozier, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. 

What is it like going to an arts high school?

Going to an arts school is definitely a very different experience from going to a regular public school. I get to start a couple hours of my day only focusing on music. I have our music theory classes, music history, choirs and vocal tech classes for half the day and then all of my core classes for the rest of the day. It is added-on work, going to this school, but it is very worth it. There are different majors within my school so depending on a person’s major (which can vary from literary or visual art, dance, production, theatre and vocal) they will have different classes.


How does it feel to be participating in 11Fest this year?

I feel very excited to be participating in this performance. It will be a fun way to meet new people and see other people’s sets. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I like to think that my name will be out there as a musician. I would love for people to hear my original work since I write and produce my own music. If I could perform on a big stage with a magnificent show that makes people feel happy, my life would be made. I have always wanted people to connect with my music and find emotions that they possibly didn’t know they felt because music has always been able to do that for me. If I could do that for just one person, then I think my job as a musician will be complete. 

If you were a ghost who would be the first person you haunt?

If I was a ghost I would probably haunt someone that I was never able to meet in real life. Possibly a celebrity like Bono or Harry Styles. I would just want to see how they live their life and interact with people off camera. 


To witness Jillian’s performance, be sure to attend 11Fest on November 11th at 5pm at our Main Library location (11 W. Church St.). The concert is “pay-what-you-can.”

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