December 14, 2018

Jenne’s Quest to Read 100 Books, Concluded! (Did she make it?!?!)

… Of course she did! Jenne, one of BAPL’s youth services librarians, has been on a quest to read 100 books this year. We’re talking novels! It is an impressive feat of literary longevity. Way to read, Jenne! See below for her October and November reports with some great recommendations. 100 books! That’s a lot of pages! 


Books read this month: 4

Books read so far this year: 104

November got away from me and not only did I not read as much as I’d hoped, I also forgot to post my October books! So I’ll post both now. Mostly cozy mysteries again this month, because they’re fast and fluffy and only occasionally cause me to be afraid of things that go bump in the night. I’m not doing so well at keeping up with my nonfiction reading, but I’m going to keep trying! Any guesses for what my final count will be for the year??

My favorites:

  • Stand by Me by Neta Jackson- This is the first in a short series about a college age woman who is exploring her faith and trying to help people in a Chicago community. It sounds like kind of a boring premise but the book itself was inspiring.
  • Death of a Toy Soldier by Barbara Early- As always, I’m a sucker for a cozy mystery and this was no exception. This series takes place in a vintage toy shop, which is a fun setting. To be honest this book made me want to open a toy shop, though hopefully it would be a murder free one.

November reads:

  • Stand by Me by Neta Jackson
  • The Wolfe Widow (Book Collector Mystery #3) by Victoria Abbott
  • Death of a Toy Soldier (Vintage Toyshop Mystery #1) by Barbara Early
  • The Marsh Madness (Book Collector Mystery #4) by Victoria Abbott


Books read this month: 6

Books read so far this year: ONE HUNDRED!

I did it, guys! Technically I finished the 100th book at 12:05 am on November 1st, but since I hadn’t yet gone to bed, I decided to count it towards October. Fittingly, and probably not surprisingly, the book that brought me to my goal was…a cozy mystery! That’s right, hide your shock. Anyways, it’s been very fun to work towards this goal, and now I guess I’ll just stop reading for the rest of the year. NOT. I’m obviously going to keep reading, so I’ll finish out the year with these posts, since I know everyone is heavily invested in my reading now. I’m going to try to read 5 non-fiction books before the end of the year, which I’ve already realized is ambitious but here we go!

My favorites:

  • First Comes Loves by Emily Giffin- I related to this book because of a loss in my own life, but I also just liked it for the realness of the story. The two sisters are a hot mess and they hardly ever see eye to eye. They’ve kept a lot of secrets, which have hurt them both. But when their biggest secrets and fears are revealed they must learn to love despite them. I found both of their stories to be inspiring, especially since neither of them ended up with a neat little storybook happy ending. It shows that life and love are messy.
  • The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes #3) by Brittany Cavallaro-
  • Wedding Cake Crumble (Cupcake Bakery Mystery #10) by Jenn McKinlay

October reads:

Jenne's Top Tenne