Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Music Underground Archive at the Bethlehem Area Public Library, a collection of recordings from several decades of punk, alternative and underground rock bands from Bethlehem and beyond. 

Some audio tracks may contain offensive lyrics. Listener discretion is advised.

Notes: Many of these bands have had their works collected and digitized by Frank FOE, who compiled demo tapes and published albums under his record label F.O.E. (Freedom of Expression). From the 2000s to the present, Chris “Reject” and his Bethlehem-based label Square of Opposition has taken up the mantle of publishing albums for the Lehigh Valley underground scene, as well as punk and hardcore bands from all around the USA. They were both kind enough to donate their recordings to BAPL, as was Lance LaBar’s Bethlehem-based Killer Tofu Records. Killer Tofu Records has released a wide variety of punk, indie, electronic, and experimental bands from the Lehigh Valley. We are thrilled to preserve and showcase this unique collection here!

This collection includes professionally recorded CDs, digitized 7″ vinyl records, lo-fi demos, recordings of live shows, homemade tapes, and sessions literally recorded in somebody’s basement. (Ray’s basement, to be exact.)

Music can be streamed here or downloaded for your personal collection. To download a song, click the menu icon at the top of the music player to expand the list. A download icon will appear on the far right end of each track. You can also show your appreciation for a track by hitting the Like button or sharing the track on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Headies
Synth-infused pop-punk based in Wilmington, Delaware. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records.

[waveplayer ids=”15766,15768,15770,15771,15772,15773,15774,15775,15777,15778,15780,15781,15782,15783″]

Heather Grey
Progressive/rock band from Allentown, 2009-2010, Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16638,16637,16636,16634″]

Contemporary hardcore. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, early 2000s.

[waveplayer ids=”15555,15557,15558,15559,15560″]


The Ick
1990s indie punk rock from the Lehigh Valley.

[waveplayer ids=”14395,14396,14397,14398,14399,14400,14401,14402,14403,14404,14405,14406,14407,14408,14409,14410,14411,14412,14413,14414,14415,14416,14417″]

The Insurgent
Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, early 2000s.

[waveplayer ids=”15784,15786,15787,15788,15789,15790,15791,15792,15793,15794,15795,15796,15797,15798,15799,15800,15801,15802,15803,15804,15806″]


An early 1990s hardcore band from the Lehigh Valley that included former Forthright members.

[waveplayer ids=”14028,14029,14030,14031,14032,14033,14034,14035,14036,14037″]


Last Cry
The first known Lehigh Valley punk band to feature a female vocalist. Last Cry was active in the mid-1980s; their first live show was an opening act for the Descendants in 1986. Lehigh Valley Archives compiled these tracks from different versions of a demo tape that Last Cry recorded between 1985 and 1986.

[waveplayer ids=”14040,14041,14042,14043,14044,14045,14046,14047,14048″]

Legion of Womb
Punk/rock band from Allentown (Killer Tofu Records, 2015).

[waveplayer ids=”16655,16654,16653,16652″]

Noisy “screamo” band from the Philadelphia area, active from 1999-2005.

[waveplayer ids=”15582,15584,15586,15588″]

Life Like Thunderstorms
Experimental band from Bethlehem. Killer Tofu Records (2015).

[waveplayer ids=”16650,16649,16648,16647,16646,16645,16644,16643,16642,16640″]

Toe-tapping indie jangle-pop from Philadelphia. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records.

[waveplayer ids=”15589,15591,15593,15594,15595,15596,15597,15598,15599,15600″]


Loud and heavy Lehigh Valley music from vwyrd wurd records.

[waveplayer ids=”17755,17757,17758,17759,17760,17761,17762,17763,17764,17765,17766,17767,17768,17769″]

Swaggering punk from West Chester. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records.

[waveplayer ids=”15601,15603,15604,15605″]

A contemporary progressive folk band out of Bethlehem. 2014-present. Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16726,16725,16724,16723,16722,16721,16720,16719,16718,16717,16715″]

[waveplayer ids=”16568,16567,16566,16565,16564,16563,16562″]

[waveplayer ids=”16494,16493,16495″]

Contemporary hardcore punk. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, early 2000s.

[waveplayer ids=”15620,15622,15623,15624,15625″]

Mr. Yuk
Drunken, aggressive Lehigh Valley hardcore from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

[waveplayer ids=”14051,14052,14053,14054,14055,14056,14057,14058,14059,14060,14061,14062,14063,14064,14065,14066,14067,14068,14069,14070″]

[waveplayer ids=”14696,14697,14698,14699,14700,14701,14702,14703,14704″]

[waveplayer ids=”14071,14072,14073,14074,14075,14076,14077,14078″]

The first Lehigh Valley band from the “emo” offshoot of the hardcore movement that began in the mid-1980s.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14112,14113,14114,14115,14116,14117,14118,14119,14120,14121,14122,14123,14124,14125″]

No Win Situation
Aggressive, stomping hardcore punk from the Lehigh Valley.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14126,14127,14128,14129,14130,14131,14132,14133,14134,14135,14136,14137,14138,14139,14140,14141,14142,14143,14144,14145,14146″]

Nocht the Only Ghouls
Contemporary experimental/noise/folk band from Bethlehem (Killer Tofu Records).

[waveplayer ids=”16632,16631,16630,16629,16628,16627″]

[waveplayer ids=”16457,16456,16455,16454,16453,16452,16451,16450″]

A Lehigh Valley pop rock band that was active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their full-length album The Concept Factor (also known as The All For Nothing Sessions) was recorded at Westwire Studios from September 2000 to February 2001.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14147,14148,14149,14150,14151″]

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14171,14172,14173,14174,14175,14176,14177,14178,14179,14180,14181,14182,14183,14184,14185,14186,14187″]

Objects of Hate
Hardcore punk rock from Bethlehem.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14256,14270,14269,14268,14267,14266,14265,14264,14263,14262,14261,14260,14259,14258,14257″]

Oktober Skyline
Aggressive screamo with a nihilistic streak. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, early 2000s.

[waveplayer ids=”15627,15629,15630,15631,15632,15633,15634,15635,15636,15637,15638″]

Pink Hex
Experimental free-form jazz from the Lehigh Valley. The below is a live recording from 2013.

[waveplayer size=”sm” ids=”17774″]

Punk rock from Delaware that became “adopted” members of the 1990s Lehigh Valley scene.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14271,14272,14273,14274,14275,14276″]

Progressive, emo, punk band from New Jersey, circa 2012-2016. Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16559,16558,16556″]

Electronic music out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, active 2014-present. This record was released by Bethlehem-based Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16545,16544,16543,16542,16541,16540,16539,16538,16537,16536,16535,16534,16532″]



[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14277,14278,14279,14280,14281,14282,14283″]

Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, circa 2010.

[waveplayer ids=”15654,15656,15657,15658,15659″]

Hardcore band from Nazareth, active 1989-1991 

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14294,14293,14292,14291,14290,14289,14288,14287,14286,14285,14284″]

Robot Attack
Hardcore from Allentown, active from 2001-2005.

[waveplayer ids=”15660,15662,15664,15665,15666″]

Russian Meatsquats
Hardcore/metal legends from the Lehigh Valley, active in the 1980s.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14295,14296,14297,14298,14299,14300,14301,14302,14303,14304,14305,14306,14307,14308,14309″]


Contemporary metal out of Allentown (Killer Tofu Records).

[waveplayer ids=”16614,16612″]

Sing, Bird of Prey
SBOP is an indie rock/psychedelic band with members from Bethlehem and the Poconos. Active 2014-present. Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16514,16513,16512,16511,16510,16509,16508,16507,16506,16505,16504″]

Slamm Andrews Tribute Band
Allentown-based electronic music project, active from 2009-2011. Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16689,16688,16687,16686,16685,16684,16683,16682,16681,16680,16679,16678,16677,16675″]

Metalcore (heavy metal + hardcore punk) from the Lehigh Valley. Active in the late 1980s & early 1990s. 

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14310,14311,14312,14313,14314,14315,14316,14317″]

Slow Warm Death
Melancholy, blues-influenced garage rock. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, circa 2010.

[waveplayer ids=”15667,15669,15670,15671,15672,15673,15674,15675,15676,15677″]

Melodic indie punk. Released by Bethlehem’s Square of Opposition Records, contemporary.

[waveplayer ids=”15694,15696,15698,15699,15700,15701,15702,15703,15704,15705,15706″]

Soup Sandwich
Rock/punk with members from Vermont and Bethlehem. Includes ex-Mr. Yuk. Released as a 7″ record by FOE Records. Recorded at Low Tech Studios in Burlington Vermont in July of 1995.

[waveplayer ids=”16957,16958,16959,16960,16961″]

Contemporary pop punk from Bethlehem.

[waveplayer ids=”15694,15696,15698,15699,15700,15701,15702,15703,15704,15705,15706″]

Spunk Tank
Pop-punk from the Lehigh Valley, active in the 1990s.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14318,14319,14320,14321,14322,14323,14324″]

Strained Existence

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14325,14326,14327,14328,14329,14330,14331,14332,14333″]

Strychnine and the Rat Traps
Rock/punk/metal from the Lehigh Valley, active in the 1990s.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14711,14713″]

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14341,14342,14343,14344,14345,14346,14347,14348,14349,14350,14351,14352,14353,14354,14355″]

Swear Jar
Contemporary pop punk from Bethlehem.

[waveplayer ids=”15712,15714,15715,15717″]

Swimmer’s Lungs
An emo/hardcore band from Bethlehem. Active from 2016-present. Killer Tofu Records.

[waveplayer ids=”16503,16502,16501,16500,16499,16497″]

Energetic hardcore punk with the added power of rock. From Bethlehem, active in the 1990s.

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14356,14357,14358,14359,14360″]

[waveplayer shape=”square” size=”sm” ids=”14334,14335,14336,14337,14338,14339,14340″]

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