June 27, 2020

New BAPL Series Imagine Your Way Around Town

Summer is finally here, and the green go ahead of eased quarantine restrictions beckon many of us to tentatively step out to curbside cafes and open shop doors – those same small businesses financially impacted by the pandemic in the past months. In an effort to support the small business community and introduce an eclectic mix of careers to students as they consider their educational paths, librarian Regina Kochmaruk reached out to small business owners to partner and create a new video series called Imagine Your Way Around Town. With on-site visits and fun interviews, we hear stories of good work, favorite career moments, challenges, and interesting – and often circuitous – professional journeys. A new video will be posted each Sunday on the BAPL YouTube channel beginning June 28th. After a harrowing and turbulent spring, let’s rekindle community connections and meet some of the wonderful people in our neighborhoods!