October 26, 2018

Is Your News Driving You Crazy?

Librarians are joining in the fight against misinformation. It’s no secret that misinformation and propaganda have been weaponized for the information age and used by those who would harm our country and divide us from one another. How to determine what’s real and what’s not? How can you library help? The tools include classes on “information literacy,” lists of library-approved sources, and even a friendly ferret.

Freddie the Ferret, designed for students, was created by EBSCO Information Services. He’s here to help us ferret out the truth! BAPL and other area libraries have begun hanging Freddie posters to help spread the word. Freddie’s tips include:

  • Read beyond the headline (be wary of clickbait)
  • Consider the source (is it unbiased?)
  • Check the authors (are they experts? are they even real?)
  • Check the date (is the article current?)

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has created a graphic that sums this up nicely (see below).

How to Spot Fake News

Graphic by IFLA