April 9, 2018

Preschool Block Party at BAPL

Bethlehem Area Public Library hosted a great party in the children’s room today. It wasn’t just any party, though. It was a BLOCKS party. (BLOCKS stands for “Blocks Let Our Children Know Science”) party! Little ones from all over the Bethlehem area came out to the children’s room at to put their creative minds in motion to make all sorts of structures with blocks. The event was put on thanks to help from the PA Department of Education. This BLOCKS party was not only a time for fun and games, but it also helped kids learn many important skills. Such skills included math concepts like shape, size, weight, and math words like over, under, beside, and through. The BLOCKS party also encouraged them to approach and learn problem solving, planning, sharing, and making friends.

Edana Hoy, BAPL’s Head of Youth Services, loves that the library gets to put on learning events like this one for kids: “We have pictures of famous buildings from around the world that they’re able to take and copy if they so choose, and it’s good to get girls to come because girls don’t usually get a chance to do any of this because of gender norms. The whole point is to get them building, get them talking, get them experimenting.”

Parents of the little attendees also loved the event. When asked what she loved the most about the BLOCKS party, local resident Jackie McNamara said, “With story time they have to sit and be quiet but with the BLOCKS party they’re able to be kids and play with other people. It allows them to use their imagination.”

The event also encouraged parents/guardians to keep the conversation going at home by, for example, pointing out interesting buildings and structures when they’re out and about with their kids, and to recreate those structures with blocks. Open-ended questions were also provided to parents/guardians so they could help expand their child’s mind. Asking a child questions that begin with phrases such as “What would happen if,” “How is this building like,” and “What’s another way to” can really get them thinking.

It was a great event with many youngsters and their guardians coming out to BAPL to put their minds to work and their imaginations to use. The Bethlehem Area Public Library is the place to be for events like these, so be sure to check out our upcoming events page on the BAPL website at www.bapl.org/events if you would like to attend one (or more!) in the future.

This post was written by BAPL’s Moravian College intern, Jennifer Khawam.

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