Jenne’s Top Tenne! — Selected titles from Jenne in our Teen Services Department for Summer 2017


Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Adri has been given a chance to become one of the colonists being sent to live on Mars. While waiting for her training she goes to stay with a long lost relative, where she discovers a mystery linking her with a girl who lived over a hundred years before. The girl, Catherine, is living in fear in the midst of the Dust Bowl, must find a way to protect her sister from the dangers that the dust brings. She is shocked to learn a secret surrounding her mother’s past. A third story, of a young British girl living in the aftermath of World War I links all three girls across time.

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple and Rishi are destined to be together…or so their parents have decided. The recent high school grads have been sent to the same six-week app development program in the hopes that Rishi will be able to woo the unsuspecting Dimple, who is opposed to the concept of a match arranged by her parents. Their first meeting is a disaster (Dimple throws iced coffee on Rishi) but as the weeks pass the two begin to realize that there may be some truth to the old adage “opposites attract.” This hilarious romantic comedy will keep readers entertained from start to finish.

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

Jordan Sun’s only chance of musical success at her prestigious Kensington-Blaine Boarding School for the Performing Arts is to join the Sharpshooters, the school’s elite acapella group. There’s just one problem…the Sharpshooters only accept men. But Jordan doesn’t let that stop her. She puts on her best drag and auditions. And when she makes the cut she finds herself caught in a tricky web. Friends, crushes, and rivalries all play a part in this gender nonconformist tale.

The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault

Marnie has always felt like an outsider. She’s a bit odd and it doesn’t help that she lives with her eccentric grandmother and troublemaker brother. Then Marnie starts reading tea leaves. At first she doesn’t put much stock in the readings, but when local basketball star Matt Cotrell asks her for a reading things start to get creepy. Matt has been receiving emails from someone claiming to be his missing, presumed dead friend. And though the tea leaves are telling Marnie dangerous things about Matt, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him, even though it could be deadly.

Honestly Ben by Bill Konigsberg

This follow-up novel to Openly Straight picks up the story of Ben, whose experimentation with Rafe is in the past…or so he thinks. Ben considers himself to be back to normal, dealing with the pressures of school, family, and Hannah, a gorgeous girl who has caught his eye. But things get complicated when Ben realizes that as much as he tries to put an end to his feelings for Rafe, he may be exactly what Ben needs.

Crazy House by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

Twins Cassie and Becca couldn’t be more different. When Becca disappears without a trace from their small farming cell she is sent to a maximum security death row prison for children known as Crazy House. Becca has no idea what landed her in prison and even less idea if she will ever be able to escape. Cassie teams up with Nathaniel, the son of the cell’s leader, and the Outsiders to rescue her sister. Soon they will discover a mistake that could put both sisters in danger.

Now I Rise by Kiersten White

This highly anticipated sequel to And I Darken picks up after Lada Dracul has failed to secure the Wallachian throne. She is on a revenge fueled path across the countryside, and nothing can stand in her way. When Lada discovers that her usually brutish methods aren’t accomplishing what she’d hoped she must turn to her younger brother Radu for assistance. But Radu turns down her request for help, out of loyalty to the Sultan Mehmed. His loyalty is torn between family and love, and the siblings must decide how much they are willing to lose.

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Ramona is fiercely loyal to her family. She lives with her somewhat ineffectual dad and pregnant sister in a trailer in Eulogy, Mississippi, but knows she’s destined for a better life. When she reunites with Freddy, a childhood friend, he brings a welcome distraction to her chaotic life. But as Ramona, who knows she likes girls, starts to develop feelings for Freddy she is forced to question things she thought she knew about herself, and learns that things may be less concrete than they seem.

Paintbrush by Hannah Bucchin

Mitchell and Josie have grown up together at Paintbrush, the hippie commune they call home. While Josie loves their tight knit oddball community, Mitchell can’t wait to graduate and leave the town and its residents in his dust. But when Mitchell’s mom reveals a scandalous secret, Mitchell and Josie end up relying on each other to help get through the community crisis. And soon they find themselves becoming more and more attached to each other, leaving Mitchell wondering if Paintbrush is really a place he wants to leave behind after all, and Josie wondering whether she really wants to stay.