September 20, 2018

“Shoeless Joe, the Babe & the Steel”

On September 19, journalist, researcher (and pretty good pitcher) Geoff Gehman gave an excellent presentation at BAPL. The topic was “Shoeless Joe, the Babe & the Steel” — a fascinating look at Bethlehem Steel’s baseball league of 1918. The league included steelworkers but also Major Leaguers who were signed to temporary contracts to avoid being drafted. Once World War I ended, they returned to their regular posts in the Majors.

We recorded the presentation — the link is below. It is in four parts, viewable in order by following the link. Below the video are some of the images referenced in the talk. Thanks, Geoff!


Sam Fisburn

Bennie Achorn

Babe Ruth and his teammates on the Steel

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