Spike the Library Lizard

A lovable lizard came to the library just as the Frances L. Barnard Children’s Center opened and he soon became one of BAPL’s most popular attractions. He has his own Instagram and his birthday party is the social event of the season. In April of 2016 there was a contest to name the scaly gentleman and despite some fierce competition (Carmelishie, “Uncle Denn-Denn,” Pages, and Liza) he was deemed SPIKE!

Here are some fun facts about Spike:

  • Favorite books: Dragons Love Tacos, Harry Potter (all of them, but specifically Goblet), Dragons for Tea, and any book made out of lettuce.
  • Favorite foods: lettuce and crickets
  • Species: Pogona barbata, commonly known as “bearded dragon”
  • Birthday: April 29 (celebrated with a big party at the library each year!)
  • Favorite thing to do: sneak out of his tank and read books!