July 15, 2020

Summer Reading Almost Halfway Done!

Our 2020 Adult Summer Reading Program continued for a third week with some great reviews!

Our Week 3 Raffle Winner Ashli N. won a $25 Gift Card to Jenny’s Kuali in Bethlehem.

Sarah B. also provided this great review of So You Want to Talk About Race:

“Ijeoma Oluo writes a clear, thoughtful, accessible, and well-organized introduction to the concept of discussing race and racially sensitive topics with self-awareness and openness. The book is more appropriate for non-minority readers, as it provides some support and answers to questions and concerns that might arise with the thought of discussing topics of race. There are some helpful pieces of advice, as well as some direct statements addressing misconceptions or beliefs the reader might hold that will prevent them from having meaningful, productive conversations.

While the majority of the focus is on Black and Native-related topics, the book on the whole is a great introduction to all conversations involving race – many more conversations that may appear that way at the first glance. If recent news has inspired you to take a look within, or do work with others, this book is the perfect place to start.”

More information about the reading program can be found here.


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