Local History Research

BAPL Research Services staff can conduct a search using the Library’s print, microfilm and electronic resources if you are unable to visit the library.  Additionally, we can attempt to find other resources not available in our library.

  • Standard research fee is $20.00
  • Additional fees may be charged for additional time spent retrieving and preparing materials if scans are needed ($5 per item scanned).
  • If the information requested is not found, you will be charged the standard research fee of $20.00.
  • Allow 2- 4 weeks for processing.
  • Note that time limits may not allow for comprehensive research.

Effective January 1, 2018, all fees are subject to change!

 For answers to any questions, please email info@bapl.org or call 610-867-3761 ext. 399

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Category:             Please enter “Genealogy & Obituaries,” “Bethlehem Local History,” “Scholarly Research,” or “other”

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Known Information: Date of Birth, Date of Death, Other Names or relatives, Location. Please be as detailed as possible.

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Come to the information desk at the Main Library to pay, or pay online using the button below.