Residents and property owners in Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, Fountain Hill, and Hanover Township (Northampton County) can obtain library cards at no cost. Others may qualify for an Access card. If you don’t know where your home library is located, consult our Service Area chart.

As a member of the Bethlehem Area Public Library, you may borrow books, CDs, audiobooks and magazines for three weeks and, DVDs, games and Playaway Views for one week. There are specific checkout limits and special policies for some materials.

Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton public libraries operate a collaborative collection sharing effort known as Lehigh Valley Library System.

Materials may be renewed twice by phone, online, or in person, unless they are on reserve for another patron. If something you want has been checked out, you may reserve it. Extra copies of recent best sellers are available as rental books. If BAPL, Allentown or Easton public libraries doesn’t own a book you want, we’ll purchase it or borrow it on interlibrary loan for you.

To return items, you may bring them in to either of the libraries when open, return at bookmobile stops, or you may use the two book drops on the sidewalk near Church Street (open 24 hours) or the one at the South Side Branch (open when the branch is closed). As a result of the new Lehigh Valley Library System cooperation, you also may return items to Allentown Public Library and Easton Area Public Library. If items are returned late the Library charges overdue fines.

Borrowing Audio-Visual Materials

  1. Allowable DVD checkouts by age groups are as follows:
    • Children up to 17 – ratings of G, PG and PG13
    • 18 years of age and older – ALL ratings
    • Non-rated DVDs may be checked out by adults
  2. DVDs, Playaway Views and games may be returned to Bethlehem’s Main Library, South Side Branch, Bookmobile, or our bookdrops. Please be careful to close them securely to prevent damage. They may also be returned at Allentown Public Library or Easton Area Public Libraries
  3. Library staff will visually inspect each DVD before it is checked out and again when it is returned. The patron who checked out the item is responsible for any damage while it is in his or her possession.
  4. If you have any problems viewing a DVD, please report it when returning it to the library.
  5. The Bethlehem Area Public Library takes no responsibility for damage to patrons’ equipment from the use of library materials.
  6. Because of copyright and licensing restrictions, DVDs may not be duplicated or broadcast. Only those DVDs licensed for public performance may be shown by organizations or public institutions. All others are for home viewing only.

Specific Checkout Limits

Limit per card, per category

Materials in All Collections (p/card Limit)
Books, Magazines, Toys, Puppets, Kits & Reading Bags – 50 Combined
DVDs & Playaway Views – 10
Audiobooks & Playaways – 10
Music CDs – 10
Video Games – 3


Unless there is a reserve on an item, you may renew materials twice. You may renew in person when the library is open (bring your library card), by telephone (24 hours at 610-867-3761, ext. 226) for Main Library, or 610-867-7852 for South Side Branch, or by accessing your online account.

If you renew by phone and you leave a message, speak slowly and clearly to be sure we can understand your name. Please spell your name and repeat the phone number. We will call you to confirm that the items can be renewed.

If you renew online, please be sure to note the new due dates. If an item cannot be renewed, the screen will tell you that. If you have any problem, call us at 610-867-3761, ext. 226, (leave a message if the library is closed) or send an e-mail to Main Library or, call 610-867-7852 or email the South Side Branch.

Reserving Materials

If something you want has been checked out by another person, or if the Library has ordered it and it has not come in yet, you may reserve it.

You can reserve materials at the Main Library Information Desk, in person or by phone at 610-867-3761 x 399, at the South Side Branch 610-867-7852, on the Bookmobile, or online through your account. Also, you now can reserve most titles in the collections of Allentown Public Library or Easton Area Public Library.

There are exceptions: rental copies cannot be reserved nor can new items from Allentown and Easton libraries.

If you see an item you would like from the Bethlehem collection and the status in the catalog is “in”, you can call to have it set aside at no charge. For these items, you will have 3 business days to pick the item up from the library.

When a reserved item is ready for pick up, the Library will call, email, or text you to notify you. You may choose your preferred manner of notification.

After notification that a reserve is in, you will have 4 business days to pick-up an item. A 50¢ handling charge will be collected for each reserve when you pick it up. After notification, if you choose not to pick the item up, you still will be charged the 50¢.

Suggestions for Purchase

If the library does not own a new book or other item that you would like us to have, you may suggest that we purchase it. You can do this:

  • in the library, at an Information Desk
  • in the Youth Services Department at the Main Library
  • filling in, printing out and returning the online form Suggestion for Purchase

We honor most book suggestions, and you will automatically be put on the reserve list. You will be notified by mail or e-mail when the item is ready for you to check it out. If we are not able to purchase it, we will borrow it from another library on interlibrary loan for you at your request. There will be a $.50 charge for the reserve or interlibrary loan.

Returning Materials

All library materials can be returned to the Main Library, the South Side Branch, the Bookmobile, or the book returns at the Hanover Township and Bethlehem Township Community Centers any time they are open. Materials do not have to be returned to the same location where you checked them out. You may also return items to Allentown Public Library or Easton Area Public Library.

Materials may be placed in the two book drops on Church Street in front of the Main Library 24 hours a day. The only exceptions are that the book drops are locked at 5 pm on New Year’s Eve and on July 4th. They are re-opened at 8 am the following morning. Materials returned to the book drops before the library opens at 10 am are checked in as if they had been returned the previous business day.

The book drop in the door of the South Side Branch is open only when the Branch is closed.

You may return our books to other public libraries in Pennsylvania, but please be sure that the library is a participant in the Access Pennsylvania program and will return the books to us. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN DVDS, GAMES OR PLAYAWAY VIEWS TO LIBRARIES OTHER THAN BETHLEHEM, ALLENTOWN OR EASTON.

Overdue Fines & Notices

Maximum fine threshold per card is $10.00. Once amount is reached, privileges are withdrawn.

You may have your overdue notices sent by mail or email. If you choose to have notices by email, you will not receive any notices by regular mail. You are responsible for keeping your email address up-to-date.

If you lose or damage library materials, you are charged the price of the item.

It is the Library’s decision whether or not to accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item. Items lost and owned by Allentown or Easton may be paid at BAPL.

You may pay your fines:

  • With cash or check at all locations
  • Online, through your Library Account, using a credit or debit card
  • Through the mail by check
  • In person at the Library using credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or debit card
  • By phoning 610-867-3761 x202 during open business hours to pay by credit

When charges on accounts reach $25.00 we use the services of a library collection agency.

Other Charges:

  • Photocopies 20¢
  • Microfilm Photocopies 25¢
  • Replacement Card $1.00
  • Network Printing (per pg) 20¢ for black & white and $ 1.00 for color
  • Rental Books (21 days) $3.00

The maximum fine for items is $10, with the exception of internet hotspots, which have a maximum fine of $50.

Books (hardcover and paperback), music CDs, magazines, toys, puppets, kits, reading bags, and interlibrary loans

  • Charges per day: $0.20
  • Maximum Fine: $10.00
  • First notice: 1 day overdue
    Second notice: 21 days overdue
    Third notice: 45 days overdue
    Final bill: 60 days overdue
  • Maximum fine for missing hotspots is $50.

DVDs, Games, and Playaway Views

  • Charges per day: $1.00
  • Maximum Fine: $10.00
  • First notice: 1 day overdue
    Second notice: 21 days overdue
    Third notice: 45 days overdue
    Final bill: 60 days overdue

Collection Agency

Since May 1, 2000, the Bethlehem Area Public Library has been using the services of a library collection agency to retrieve overdue materials and to collect charges that exceed $24.99. When accounts are turned over to the collection agency, a $10.00 non-refundable fee is added.

Who will be sent to collection:

  • Patrons whose materials have not been returned within 2 weeks of receiving their third notice. Notices are sent when books are 14 days overdue, 28 days overdue, and 42 days overdue. (For DVDs, games and Playaway Views, notices will be sent when they are 7 days overdue, 28 days overdue and 42 days overdue.)
  • Patrons who owe $25.00 or more in fines and fees. They will receive a bill and be given two weeks to pay before their names are sent to the collection agency.


  • More library materials are returned, saving what it would cost to replace them
  • More fines are paid, giving the library money for more new materials and services
  • Staff time is put to use in more positive ways, providing better library service to our patrons
  • More responsible use of taxpayers’ money

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