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Home at My Typewriter: Selected Poems
by Bob Cohen

ISBN: 978-1-7325900-1-4
On Sale Fall 2018

Beautiful, heart-breaking, comic, wise, and endlessly moving selections from the vast poetic output of Bob Cohen, multi-talented and generous friend of the Bethlehem Area Public Library.





About the author

Bob Cohen was born on Kristallnacht (November 19, 1938) in the town of Springfield, Ohio before moving to Cleveland and then to Columbus by fourth grade. Bob sang publically throughout his life. He attended the Columbus Boychoir School (later renamed the American Boychoir School), Bexley High School, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University. He spent four years in West Africa first as a volunteer and then as a Peace Corps administrator before taking jobs in higher education/student personnel at Hunter College and Lehigh University.

His last work was as an independent college admissions counselor, from which he retired at age 70 to play the saxophone and the accordion and to enter what he called his “late onset acting” career. Bob maintained a steady involvement in all things community from his high school years and throughout his adulthood, serving on numerous local boards. He kept extensive journals, wrote poetry, drew cartoons, and produced over two dozen radio commentaries which were read on WDIY-FM radio.

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The Library, a place of peace.
Girls are very beautiful in libraries,
Long hands turning pages with care.
Girls are more beautiful in libraries
Than they are on buses. Why is that?
Libraries gentle people, they speak in whispers
And turn pages with delicate care.
All the people I like are there;
I could spend the better part of my life
With them among the books and magazines;
Now I remember I first met my wife
In a place like that, Elizabethan dreams.
A library is a place of exquisite peace;
I could spend my life looking at people in libraries.
There is no urgency in a library,
We are all browsing, it is a place of perusal.
Approaching a woman could not be met with anything as
definite and final as a refusal.
Could she handle me as delicately as she turns each page of
A newly minted book?
A young girl is eating a bologna sandwich on a seeded roll
surreptitiously, small bites and tiny chewing;
An older woman taking notes on an oversized art folio is totally
A man with handball totebag next to his chair is reading the
Stock Quotations.
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A Journey
by Matt Wolf

ISBN: 978-1-7325900-0-7
The debut poetry collection from Bethlehem poet Matt Wolf, featuring photography by the author as well. “Here is a poet falling in all kinds of love with existence.” — Cleveland Wall





About the Author

Matt Wolf has written and performed poetry for the last 19 years in the Lehigh Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. He has organized over 40 local poetry readings and multi-media events over the last 6 years in the Lehigh Valley area. He has also taught many poetry workshops in Lehigh Valley schools. He is the resident poet of Bethlehem’s Favorite Poem Project and is a member of the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission. Poems previously appeared in Lehigh Valley Vanguard and Lovers and Fighters: Poetry for Social Change. 

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Deer standing side by side
on a mountain
that has seen so much
the deer sense all of these previous thoughts
sharp antlers pinpoint
love, decency, and the awe of a winter drive
slow descending, snow delicate on every branch
happy to taste
white mountain, ground
put down your winter coat
feel the rawness
of my touch
the humanity I share with you
I will hold whatever fits of you
in the palm of my hand
both hands maybe a lifetime
or maybe a winter’s walk against
a storied backdrop
many have come before but
none with a story like ours
every day a new snowflake
unique one drops
and then disappears
how many days of ours are like these
besides all that have ever come before

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