Bob Cohen Room

When the children’s room at Main moved upstairs, it left a sizable empty space on the first floor of the Library. This space became the Bob Cohen Room, a concert venue and multi-use space to host lectures and meetings and plays and art galleries and all sorts of uses not yet imagined! This room’s name honors the memory of Library Board member, donor, and dear friend Bob Cohen. Bob was an excellent singer and performer, and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting tribute at his beloved library than a venue in his name, where his legacy can live on in community performances and enrichment programs.

The project was kicked off by a gift from Bob and Amy Cohen, followed by a bequest from Bob’s estate. Numerous friends and family members of Bob’s have also contributed, including a gift of support from the R.K. Laros Foundation. You can have your name added to the donor wall with a donation of $100 to support ongoing improvements to the Cohen Room.