February 27, 2019

¡Alegría Bomba Es!: Celebrating Puerto Rican Black History Month at the South Side Branch

On Saturday, January 23rd, the South Side Branch celebrated the survival of African arts and culture within Puerto Rico, and now throughout the United States, with Luz Suarez and her group “Tikson Carib” who taught five different Bomba rhythms to excited participants. Whereas most dancing is a response to the sounds of the music, Bomba is a unique Afro-Puerto Rican dance in which dancers dictate the response of the drummers and their rhythms.

Attendees learned not only the traditional Bomba dances and etiquette, but the history of the instruments, the ingenious communication methods of Taino and African slaves using music, and the folklore behind the lyrics. In this celebration, we were reminded that Puerto Rico is indeed part of the United States, and its Black history should be revisited and honored often.

Check out the pictures and videos below!

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