February 19, 2019

Construction is Starting!

Pardon our dust, excuse the noise, and join us in celebrating the next phase of the Main Library renovations at BAPL! As of today, construction is underway on the Bob Cohen Room! This room is on its way to becoming a concert venue and multi-use space that will host lectures and meetings and plays and […]

Cohen Room
November 15, 2018

Book Launch party this Saturday!

Join us for the book launch celebrating the release of Home at My Typewriter by Bob Cohen. The book is published by BAPL Books. Money earned from the sale of the book helps fund the construction of the Bob Cohen Room at BAPL! Note that the event is held not at the library but at Sahl Communications, 1 […]

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November 2, 2018

Bethlehem Library Launches New Publishing Venture: BAPL Books

(Bethlehem, PA) – The Bethlehem Area Public Library not only stocks the works of authors from around the world, it now publishes its own books from authors right here in the Lehigh Valley. The initiative, known as BAPL Books, began to take shape over a year ago. “I heard from a local poet who had talked about […]

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June 8, 2018


Experimento! A Cultural Stew happened on April 27th 2018 at the Ice House in Bethlehem.  The innovative concert raised money for Bob Cohen Room renovations at the Bethlehem Area Public Library.  Avant-garde Jazz band Pink Hex joined with local poets Chad Frame, Diqua Grinson, Burton Stehly, Cleveland Wall, and Matt Wolf, painters Nina Boodhansingh and […]

Cohen Room, Music, Programs at BAPL
February 5, 2018

Massive Music Sale, Feb 17

The library has over 21,000 CDs for sale! As part of our flea market event on February 17 we will be selling a huge collection of music that was donated to the library. This includes tons of CDs as well as records from all genres of music. There is a great mix of jazz, classical, […]

Cohen Room
January 17, 2018

BAPL Receives Grant from R. K. Laros Foundation

The Bethlehem Area Public Library is pleased to announce it has received a generous grant of $10,000 from the R.K. Laros Foundation. The funds will support the transformation of the Bob Cohen Room at BAPL, assisting with the purchase of a floor-to-ceiling glass movable wall for the renovated space, and were presented to Library Executive […]

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