March 6, 2019

An Album (partially) Recorded in Studio 11

A musician who goes by the name ‘janijani’ reached out to the library in a bit of a panic. He was trying to complete the “RPM” challenge and was running out of time…

What is the RPM challenge, you ask? Well it’s a songwriters’ challenge that pushes participants to record an entire album in one month. And it just so happens to be February, the shortest month of the year, so you really have to work fast! Bethlehem resident janijani heard about Studio 11 at BAPL and really wanted to add some drums to his album before the month was up.

Although the studio isn’t quite open for general usage, we were able to hear his plea and connect him with Sam, our volunteer sound engineer/drummer/all-round helpful fellow. Sam met with janijani and helped him add some drums to the tracks. It came out so great! As the notes for one of the songs explains, it’s:

…a kind of rock song sounding like an ’80s riff done in a ’90s way. It has drums. It has double-tracked vocals. It has double-tracked drums. It has drums recorded in a public library…

He was so happy, not just to get the record done on time, but also to “record the drums in the basement of my public library where I used to go as a 10 y/o kid (and still do) to check out books on music I was into.”

We were so happy to be able to help, so impressed with how the album came out, and so proud to see the studio on its first album cover.

Go give it a listen! The name of the album is ‘know many things we don’t know anymore. okay.’ 



Studio 11