June 15, 2018

Library Patron Guest Post: Craig Werner recommends some movies

BAPL patron Craig Werner was an early adopter of the Kanopy streaming service. He’s been taking full advantage of the (now increased to 10!) movies you can watch each month for free from home using your library card. He’s particularly enjoyed the below list. Check them out and see if you agree with Craig’s thumbs up! Log on to Kanopy to view them (or thousands of other choices) for free.

1)One of the documentaries I enjoyed was Fastball: The Magic Behind Baseball’s Fastest Pitch, an historic look into Major League Baseball’s pitching legends and debates about which pitcher  threw the hardest fastball.

2) As a sci-fi fan, a film that slipped under my radar was Donnie Darko, an excellent film that I’m glad I got to see here with Kanopy.


3) And now that BAPL has added additional plays each month I’ve began watching “The Inexplicable Universe” which is one of The Great Courses with Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson. There’s so much variety that anyone can surely find something enjoyable to watch. Enjoy!

Thanks, BAPL!

Craig Werner