April 25, 2019

Lights! Camera! BAPL!

Here is a fun thing! Living Proof Pictures, a Lehigh Valley-based production company, shot a scene for their series Price of Faerie Tales at BAPL’s Main Library earlier this month. BAPL was briefly a TV set! The way it came to be is that Living Proof’s location scout Mindy Sedlock is a BAPL regular. Besides coming to check out books, her rock-star kids have performed several times at the library with their band Project 3² so she knows the building well, including the “backstage” areas.

Mindy thought that Library Director Josh Berk’s office might make a nice stand-in for a therapist’s office for an upcoming scene that director Brandon C. Lay was working on. The office does have comfy couches and a beautiful view and we’re all for helping local artists, so arrangements were made. Check out some pictures from the shoot below!

Pictured are Jenna McBreen (as Sanya, on the couch), Maria Sole (as the therapist), Lauren Ickes (first unit sound/production assistant), and writer/director Brandon C. Lay. The first three episodes of the series Price of Faerie Tales are available on Amazon Prime Video and be sure to look for BAPL making its star turn on the screen later this summer! The scene will be in Episode Six, due out in August.