September 6, 2017

Peace Day events planned

The Bethlehem Area Public Library is taking part in the global celebration of International Day of Peace. Also known as “Peace Day,” September 21 is a date designated by the United Nations for “humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.” It will be celebrated locally with a week of cultural and educational programming at the Bethlehem Area Public Library.


Events include:
September 13th 6:30 PM
One-hour guided writing seminar with Kate Racculia, investigating and sharing the ideas and guiding principles of your life while listening and learning about the values of others. Inspired by Edward R. Murrow’s 1950s radio program and the ongoing essay podcast “This I Believe.”
September 16th, 2:00 PM
A documentary on the Cameroon people, and how they have coexisted with more than 200 ethnic groups despite practicing multiple religions.
September 18th, 6:30pm
Mrs. Stewart will perform & discuss a collection of operatic compositions on global togetherness. The songs, which include sacred and secular music, are sure to inspire.
September 22nd, 5:00pm
A panel discussion with professors from neighboring colleges and universities will focus on this year’s theme: “U.N. TOGETHER – a global campaign that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life.”
Contact Rayah Levy, rlevy@ for additional information.
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