April 12, 2018

Pennsylvania House Passes National Library Week Resolution-BAPL Celebrates

BETHLEHEM, PA (12 April 2018) – This week a resolution was passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The resolution set out to recognize a week in April (from the 8th to the 14th) as “National Library Week,” a week sponsored by the National Library Association. This recognition was realized this week in the passing of House-Resolution 799.

Bethlehem Area Public Library celebrated this resolution with the help of Pennsylvania Representative Steve Samuelson, who presented the resolution to BAPL Executive Director Josh Berk this week.

The resolution sings many praises for the hard work that libraries and librarians do while declaring the state’s recognition of them: “…Libraries do more than house resources, having long served as trusted and treasured institutions, and librarians and library staff fuel efforts to better serve their communities, campuses, and schools…Libraries and librarians are opening up a world of possibilities through STEAM programming, makerspaces, job-seeking resources and the power of reading.”

This year’s National Library Week Theme is “Libraries Lead.” This theme is certainly true of the Bethlehem Area Public Library, which has been a leading fixture in the Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley community.