November 10, 2017

Podcast #3! BEYOND THE STACKS. Book recommendations with Paul Acampora

I was really happy to sit down with children’s author Paul Acampora (Scholastic) for the BAPL podcast. We talk about Paul’s books and also other books.  He recommends some great titles if you’re looking to buy books for the kids (or other non-kid people) in your life this upcoming holiday season. Books are the best gift! Listen up and read on!
– Josh Berk


Paul’s books that we talk about:

HOW TO AVOID EXTINCTION – The adventure of a boy who chases after his grandmother and drives across the country to find dinosaur bones in Utah.

CONFUSION IS NOTHING NEW – The story of a girl who is seeking to learn the history of her mom, who was the singer in an ’80s cover band. (Available May 2018).





FOR TEEN READERS Paul recommends:

All the books by author Scott Westerfeld

READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline–a fantastic goofball dystopian novel which includes sci-fi and fantasy and videogames and a big puzzle. Soon to be a movie; folks should read the book too!

PUTTING MAKEUP ON DEAD PEOPLE by Jen Violi–a book for the goth teenager in your life.

THE BOY IN THE BLACK SUIT by Jason Reynolds–is the book whose name we couldn’t remember about the kid who works at the funeral home.

FOR MIDDLE GRADE (ages 9-12 or so) READERS, Paul recommends:

THE COURAGE TEST by James Preller–a boy and his dad go on a road trip across America to retrace the Lewis & Clark journey — a road trip story, an excellent adventure that explores the deep feelings that boys have and the adventures that make up our country.

GHOST by Jason Reynolds–a story about a gifted teen runner who joins a track team for the first time and learns that there is more to being part of a team than he imagined.

FOR YOUNG READERS (ages 7-9 or so), Paul recommends:

DORY FANTASMAGORY by Abby Hanlon–about a little girl whose invisible friends play a pretty important part in her day. Funny, lively, fast reads, and the kind of stories kids can go back to again and again.


Don’t know what to buy as a gift for the dads, father-in-laws, hard-to-show-for uncles, etc. in your life? Paul recommends anything by author Walter Isaacson, including his biographies about:
 (Sorry, mothers-in-law, we didn’t talk about books for you. Perhaps we will, next time, on … BEYOND THE STACKS!!!!)