February 12, 2019

Studio 11 logo reveal + interview with the creator!

Dominic Haberstumpf on the creation of a logo for Studio 11, our new public recording space. He came up with a bunch of different versions, check them out here:
We love them all so hard, but decided to go with the one where the “O” is a knob going to 11. It really goes to 11! Count the notches! So cool.

We did a little interview with Dom, to learn more about this local artist and his take on the project. Thanks, Dom!

How long have you been a graphic artist?

I took graphic arts back when I was still at Liberty High School, then went to art/design school after that. I’ve been a professional designer since 2002, so between that and doing graphic arts as a high school student, I’ve been collectively doing design for 24 years. Saying that out loud makes me feel kind of old…
I’ve worked in print, web, interactive, and now I’m a Product Design lead for a software company. I’ve also worked in advertising and have been involved with a good number of branding and identity projects throughout my two decade career.

What appealed to you about working with the library on this project?

I love designing and working with local businesses and the community. Libraries are an integral part of a community and to the public as a whole, so hearing about Studio 11 was exciting. I was born and raised in Bethlehem, and the BAPL is important to the community. Its adaptation to stay contemporary is exciting to be a part of!
It’s important to realize that libraries are more than aisles of books and quiet spaces for research or reading, and rather think of them as a multi-use spaces for the benefit of all people. I’ve always seen libraries as spaces meant to cultivate ideas and learning, whether it be through academic or creative processes.

What was your thought process when coming up with this design for Studio 11?

The genesis of the concepts for Studio 11 came about from the address of BAPL’s Main Library (11 W. Church St.), Spinal Tap, and items you would find in a sound studio. The Director for the BAPL mentioned Spinal Tap when we first were discussing it, and I fell in love with the idea. Once you have a great muse for a design, it’s much easier to bring it to life.

Any other thoughts on the project?

I am incredibly excited and humbled to be asked to be a part of this project. To see the BAPL evolving to help nurture the creativity of the community is something to be proud of. Seeing the library continue to strive to adapt and stay contemporary for the benefit of the community and city of Bethlehem is truly awesome, and being a part of creating the identity for Studio 11 is nothing short of gratifying. To be a part of it was an honor.

Studio 11 logo creator Dominic Haberstumpf. See more of his work here.


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